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How did Haven Hughes die? KARK Reporter Died In An Accident

Haven Hughes, a KARK/FOX 16 reporter, died on Tuesday. Let’s look at how the reporter died and Haven Hughes’s cause of death in greater detail.

How did Haven Hughes die?

Haven Hughes, a 22-year-old news reporter, was involved in an accident. According to a press statement issued by Little Rock police on Tuesday, who worked as a reporter for KARK 4 was killed in an accident between a car and the motorcycle she was riding on Monday evening. Officers found Hughes, 34, of Little Rock, and Mark Hudson, lying on the ground around 9400 Stagecoach Road. Both were pronounced deceased at the spot. Hudson, the motorcycle’s operator, was taken to a nearby hospital to treat serious injuries.

What is Haven Hughes’s Cause of Death?

Hughes, a rising-star reporter, was killed in a road accident last night. Haven Hughes died in a car accident. The death of the journalist was confirmed by the City of Little Rock Public Relations. On Monday, patrol officers went to an accident near 9400 Stagecoach Road. The journalist was killed in an accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. Mark Hudson, 34, the motorbike driver, died at the site as well. Her death was reported at the scene by first responders. According to police spokesperson Mark Edwards, the collision occurred at 7:25 p.m. The second vehicle’s driver was brought to the 12th Street Police substation, where a urine sample was taken for a legally necessary toxicology check. No criminal charges have been made, and authorities are actively investigating the incident. She spent the entire day at MLK Day festivities, covering the news just hours before her death.

Tributes to Haven Hughes:

Sorrow surrounds @FOX16News tonight, Donna Terrell Lambert tweeted. Chris Scott, our 9 p.m. producer, died two days ago. Behind the scenes, he was the mastermind behind the quality newscast. And yesterday night, our rising-star reporter HavenHughes was killed in a car accident. We are praying for their loved ones. Laura Monteverdi wrote on Facebook, Today has been a busy day at our newsroom.

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