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Ken Bruce to leave BBC Radio 2 after 31 years

Ken Bruse announced on air that he is all set to leave the show BBC Radio 2. Ken Bruce left BBC Radio after a long period of 31 years hosting its weekday mid-morning show.

He was among the most listened-to shows on British radio now he is ready to join the rival Station, “Greatest Hits Radio”. He said, “Now i have decided that this is the right time to move from Radio 2”. He further added, “now this time i’m tremendoulsy happy, but it’s a very high time for a new change”.

Steve left BBC Radio after a long run as a 23-year-old afternoon host. While many famous presenters like Paul O’Grady and Vanessa Feltz also left the Radio in Past few years.

Ken Bruce

Source: Genius Celebs

Bruce announced to the listeners, ” Now my current contract was ending in the March and at this situaion i’m moving from Radio 2 beacuse nothing stays the same as earlier, and the change is the only paramanent. I’ve been working here from a very long time, and this is the perfect time to change in the job.”

He is famous for his Popmaster quiz, according to body Rajar. Currently, there are more than 8.5 million weekly listeners of his show. He was one of the station’s longest-serving hosts. He got his first regular Radio 2 slot in 1984 while he joined the BBC Radios in 1977.

Initially, he started his shows in the late nights or early mornings; eventually, he got a permanent slot in the year 1992 for a mid-morning show. “now I’m a little bit stressed that it is all my decision; however, I’m ready to take some new opportunities and want to try something new at this time. I would like to continue my career a little bit differently, and it is possible in the next few years.

Ken Bruce

Source: BBC

” I feeled very proud with my associative team with BBC, and specially with Radio 2, i will remain till the end of March,” Ken said. On the other side, the rival radio station Greates Hits Radio announced in a statement they will have a new show which will be on air from 3 April, and the timing of air is 10:00 – 13:00.

People remember Ken Bruce for BBC Radio 2

Ken Bruce. A beautiful man who’s always been so lovely to me at
. Going to be so missed on air, but I’ll miss having a beer in a foreign country discussing anything and everything whilst at Eurovision. Thanks for always being so lovely♥️.

Greatest Hits Radio
We can’t wait for him to start with us on April 3rd! PopMaster and all!

English Cad
Well that’s the end of me listening to radio 2 then. Why does the BBC need two radio 1’s? Why does BBC management hate it’s core listeners with such a passion? You know those people that actually pay the license tax.

Peter Exton
Last true broadcaster leaving Radio 2, unsure what’s going on at R2 but they seem to be giving away flagship shows to overpaid talentless show offs nowadays. Will lose their audience come March when everyone listens to the legend that is KEN BRUCE!

Dear me…
please think carefully for Kens replacement, you cocked up big time with Steve Wright replacement, so bland & boring, but plays ‘some’ good tunes. I now turn it off 12-4pm. If your not careful it’ll be.

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