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TikTok Choking Challenge Tragedy: How did Milagros Soto die, and Cause Of Death Explained

A 12-year-old girl from Argentina died after participating in the heinous “choking challenge” popularised by TikTok. Let’s look at Milagros Soto’s death and cause of death in greater detail.

Who is Milagros Soto?

Milagros Soto, a young girl who took part in the dangerous TikTok challenge, died. Milagros Soto, 12, was supposed to enter high school in 2023, but he was discovered dead on Friday. Her relatives claimed she was the victim of a challenge from social media. Capitan Bermudez, a town, was where the girl lived. She had gone to see her father over the weekend.

What Happened to Milagros Soto?

Her parents had divorced, so she lived at her father’s house, where she died. “We are inconsolable since we showed her so much love,” the victim’s aunt Laura Luque said of the January 13 tragedy in Capitán Bermudez, Santa Fe Province, according to Jam Press. Milagros Soto, her niece, was found dead in her house after reportedly attempting the “choking challenge,” one of the terrible TikTok phenomena. The “blackout challenge” is a dreadful hoax that urges Tiktok users to suffocate to the point of unconsciousness.

About Choking Or Blackout Challenge:

TikTok is typically filled with videos. However, there are certain risky TikTok tendencies. TikTok trends that become viral increase the app’s popularity. The “challenge” is a new trend that has made its way into the List. The “blackout challenge” appeared on TikTok, but it only recently returned in 2021. According to the CDC, it killed approximately 80 children. Experts have warned that the unusual viral trend could be dangerous because it can induce fainting, brain damage, seizures, and other unpleasant consequences. Experts have advised against using it among young users. Over the summer, the same viral danger is thought to have murdered UK children Leon Brown, 14, and Archie Battersbee, 12.

How did Milagros Soto die?

Milagros Soto, according to Jam Press, attempted the challenge twice with success but failed to release the noose on the third time. Regarding the fatal incident captured on video, Luque expressed sadness that “on the third occasion, she was unable to remove the rope from her neck.” It is still unclear why Soto attempted the risky stunt. On the other hand, her aunt stated that the girl received a WhatsApp message with a link to the challenge. Laura Luque, the victim’s aunt, stated, “I believe she was influenced to do it.” Bullying caused her a lot of pain, according to a relative. “Many doubts regarding everything that occurred to her” as “she was a brilliant girl.”, her aunt added.

What is Milagros Soto’s cause of death?

According to autopsy records, Milagros Soto died of “mechanical asphyxia by hanging,” with no signs of maltreatment or third-party interference. Police have initiated an investigation into Soto’s death. According to the summary, the police arrived at the apartment on Friday at 1:54 p.m. They claimed the death would have occurred around 1:15 p.m. Officers retrieved a cell phone from the site and discovered the video of the sequence. They will also look to see whether any of their peers took part in a video call that originated from there. Her phone was turned over to prosecutor Juan Carlos Ledesma, which is under the jurisdiction of the Rosario Regional Prosecutor’s Office 2.

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