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How did Ze Bella of the Zangalewa die? The Cameroonian Artist Died

Jean Paul Ze Bella, a member of the Zangalewa group, died on January 15, 2023. Let’s look at how Jean Paul Zé Bella died and the exact cause of death.

What happened to Jean Paul Ze Bella?

According to sources, the founder and leader of Zangalewa’s group, most known for the hit song “Zamina Mina Mina,” died of lung cancer. He was 71 years old at the time. Zé Bella died in the capital of Yaoundé’s military hospital. Ze Bella had been battling lung cancer for several years, according to artist-musician Johnny Tezano. Several more artists confirmed the news online as well.

Who is Ze Bella?

Ze Bella was a member of the band that recorded the well-known song “Zamina mina”. It is a Cameroonian Makossa group’s 1986 popular song. Shakira reworked it for Waka Waka, the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song. Ze Bella was the dissolved group’s leader. While they were happy that “global music icon” Shakira had remixed their song, he stated they wanted to be honored appropriately and compensated.

How did Ze Bella of the Zangalewa die?

Lung cancer was Ze Bella’s cause of death. Ze Bella, a singer and percussionist born on July 23, 1952, in Sangmélima, Cameroon, has died. The Golden Sounds group’s most well-known song was Zamina Mina. As a result of the song’s popularity, the group changed their name to Zangaléwa. The majority of the band members served during WWII.

Tributes to Ze Bella:

CRTVweb published that Ze Bella, an artist, has passed away. This “Zangalewa” member’s voice died this Sunday, January 15, 2023. Here are some testimonials from artists… MuBa’ni Infotainment has been provided. The 71-year-old songwriter of the famous song “Zamina Mina” died yesterday, January 15, 2023, of lung cancer at a military hospital in Yaoundé. Metum Me Ikan stated Ze Bella, the composer of the song Waka Waka by the band Zangalewa, has recently passed away. “Kl wa’a nva,” he says.

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