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Kelsey Collins Missing After Testifying Against Pimp: What Happened?

Kelsey had been the unlucky victim of circumstance. Like any other adolescent, she had hopes and goals for the future, but all of her plans were dashed when she vanished from public view. Her case soon gained global notice and a tremendous outpouring of public concern. It soon became apparent that she was part of a gang of teenagers involved in minor crime and drug misuse, something Kelsey’s family had worked hard to avoid only a few years ago.

When Kelsey Collins Goes Missing?

Collins was last seen leaving her home on 100th Street Everett, Washington, around 5:30 p.m. on May 9, 2009, to meet her lover in Seattle, Washington. She intended to take public transit, possibly the Sound Transit #510 or the Metro #101/358. She never made it to Everett and has never been seen or heard from again. When she went missing, Collins was carrying only a little black purse, her phone, an mp3 player, a hairbrush, her identity, and a few bucks. Her phone has been turned off since around 8:00 p.m. on the day she went missing.

Kelsey Collin’s Mother’s Statement:

Collins’ parents split when she was three years old, and her stepfather was abusive to her, her mother, and her three siblings. Her mother left the state with her and the other children when she was seven, changing their names to avoid her stepfather. He is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. Collins’ mother stated that her daughter’s issues began when she reached adolescence. When she was twelve, she began running away from home, skipping school, becoming $exually active, drinking alcohol, and using and selling narcotics. She finally became involved in prostitution after falling in love with an older man who turned out to be a pimp.

Kelsey Collin’s Issue:

Collins agreed to testify against her pimp in 2008, and he and a lady, Lisa Miles, were charged with interstate $ex trafficking of a minor. However, she continued to work as a prostitute and was arrested in 2009, just days before she was scheduled to testify against her pimp before a federal grand jury. She vanished a few weeks later. In March 2010, the case against Johnson and Miles was dismissed for lack of evidence because Collins could not testify. Johnson pleaded guilty to minor trafficking three months later in another instance involving a fourteen-year-old and was sentenced to fifteen years in jail. 

Evidence in Case:

Collins’ family believes her disappearance is linked to her court evidence, and she was put in danger after agreeing to participate in the police investigation into Johnson. Despite being afraid, she had not been offered witness protection services. Johnson has not been charged concerning her disappearance. Despite her lifestyle, Collins’ lack of contact with her family is atypical, and she hasn’t stated any plans to leave. She attended Mariner High School in 2009 and was enrolled in special education classes owing to a learning problem. She could read and do math at a third-grade level. Her case is still unresolved.

Warrants for missing persons were issued, and search teams were organised, but all investigations were eventually halted. Sarah was confronted with the terrifying revelation of her husband’s psychological, physical, and emotional violence. Kelsey’s flight towards self-destruction became apparent as she ran away, began drug trafficking, skipped school, and defied authority authorities in her quest for independence from her family life. Kelsey’s downward spiral was exacerbated when she met an older man who promised to take care of her. Unfortunately, Kelsey was soon persuaded to become a prostitute under his control.

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