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What caused Aaron Taylor’s death | Who Killed Him?

Aaron Taylor’s parents received the news 16 years later, in 2007, when the police discovered a man murdered on a bench at a Subway restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. They sent their son to Grand Canyon University, but they had no idea they would be seeing their child for the last time. In 2007 the death of Aaron has initially deemed an accident, and the proof also indicates this. Police also shut the case that time after declaring a homicide.

How Did Aaron Taylor Die

Aaron Taylor Murder

Source: Phoenix Police Department

Aaron Taylor was born and brought up in Bend, Oregon had four other siblings with his parents Frank and Pat Taylor. After a severe motorcycle accident, my mindset about Aaron changed. After that, he got into different drug and alcohol activities from an early age. Another side his parents, Frank and Pat, also gave him sufficient time to travel to the Grand Canyon University for his GED. But instead, he spent all his money on drugs and illegal things. After some time, Aaron was caught by the police, convicted and jailed for seven years.

According to people, Aaron was an excellent listener with an amiable nature toward anyone who talked to him. He was homeless in Phoenix, Arizona, but still, he had too many friends due to his kind nature. Earlier the police did not find any substantial evidence in that case and declared Aaron Taylor as the victim after the autopsy report that he was burned to death.

What Happened with Aaron Taylor in 2020

Aaron Taylor Murder

Source: Twitter

After 13 years of the incident, police officers received a breakthrough when many claimed that they had seen Aaron while three men threw matches at him while he was sleeping. The witness said to the police that the victim cached by the fire while some other witnesses said that this was a dummy, not a human. After further investigation, police found that the burned person was Aaron, who had been sleeping on the bench then. Often the group of three-man harassed Aaron; sometimes, they tied his duct tape, drenched him in wine even sometimes threw him in the near water. However, Aaron never complained about any of them and was always greeted with a smile and a kind word.

Police released a statement on the Twitter on December 24, 2020

“The Taylor family lost their son, Aaron, on Christmas Day of ‘07. The 36 year old was found severely burned near PV Mall.

If you know anything about this case, report anonymously at You could earn a $5,000 cash reward.

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