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5 dead after a man shoots and kills his wife, three children, and himself: Police

N.C. Murder-Suicide
Source: Yahoo

A man allegedly shot and killed his wife and three children before shooting himself; five people are dead in this incident, as told by the police. On Saturday, an early morning call was made from the 2700 block of Mossy Meadow Drive in high point; this spot is just 13 miles southwest of Greensboro to the High Police Department in North Carolina. In the call, two people are screaming for help. The High Point Police Department releases this statement.

After that officer arrived at the spot and connected to an adult male and female who were seeking help said to the police officers. After officers entered the home, they found five deceased people in the house.

N.C. Murder-Suicide

Source: Medico topics

Three children and two adults, including the man, were declared dead at the scene of the crime as said by police. Forty-five years old man Robert J. Crayton jr shot and killed his three children, aged 10,16,18 and his forty-six-year-old wife, Athalia Crayton, confirmed by the High Point Police Department.

N.C. Murder-Suicide

Source CNN

Two other people successfully escaped the home, but still, they did not tell about their relationship with the family as told by the police to the media. The High Police Department also said a unique thing about this incident was that the police officers had responded to this address earlier to the alleged murder-suicide that took place five times in the last 7 years. January 3, 2022, was the later date when police arrived at this address.

Police are investigating the real reason behind the incident but still not reveal the incident. Anyone with the information can contact Crime Stoppers of High Point at 336-889-4000.

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