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Food review by Tik-Tok star Keith Lee makes Struggling Las Vegas pizzeria go viral

Keith Lee, the most significant upcoming star of Tik-Tok with over 8 million followers helped a family-owned restaurant that was unable to cover even its expenses. Keith Lee best known for his reviewing videos of local restaurants visited Frankensons Pizzeria when he was earlier reported by an employee working there that the restaurant was unable to meet its expenses and was struggling to pay rent.

Lee later met with the restaurant owner Mr. Frank, who claimed they could not afford to open until 1 AM. On January 3 Lee visited Frankensons Pizzeria in Las Vegas, Nevada, and reviewed some vittles. He was especially impressed with the garlic knots, peach-flavored wings, and Italian sandwich. While reviewing the restaurant he said that the lemon pepper chicken wings were one of the best ones he ever had in his life.

Keith Lee helps struggling restaurant pizzeria

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Lee’s honest and comedic reviews resulted in a massive increase in the number of customers in the restaurant due to which the restaurant owner had to wrap up early due to the shortage of ingredients.

The TikToker’s review has racked up over 30 million views at the time of publication. Moreover, not only Lee’s followers on TikTok increased also Frankensons Pizzeria’s followers increases tremendously since Lee’s reviews were published. According to Lee, the restaurant racked up from around 2000 followers to 73k followers on TikTok since the video went viral. The restaurant has packed up with new customers lining up outside the door.

Keith Lee helps struggling restaurant pizzeria

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The restaurant owner was overwhelmed by the amazing response and shows gratitude to Lee. Keith Lee is getting praised and applauded by his fans to help a struggling pizzeria to meet its financial crisis.

A fan of Keith Lee commented on the video: “I drove a little over [three] hours for those lemon pepper wings. 12/10,”

Another fan wrote: “Keith just needs to be president of food,”

“You need a show on Food Network.”

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