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Beth Matthews | 26-year-old blogger died after ordering poisonous substances online

At a secure psychiatric hospital in Stockport, a patient died after taking a poisonous material she ordered online, now an inquest has heard. 26 years old Beth Matthews died a short time after taking the substance, and according to her, the stuff was a protein powder in March last year.

Cornwall-based health blogger Ms Matthews was described in the court as “vivacious and bright”. She worked as a health blogger also she has thousands of followers. According to her inquest, she was treated in a secure ward in the monastery, Cheadle Royle, for a personality disorder. The paramedics were called after ms Matthews had taken overdosed on that substance. Andrew Bridgman, the assistant coroner, told the jury, ” a substance that ordered online , after taking this, she was unwell at that time and urgently takane to hospital where she passed away”.

beth matthews inquest

Source: BBC

Another side the paramedic staff Kate Barnes said: “when she arrived to the hospital, she told that she had a parcel deliverd to her hous and opened in front of them and managed to consume. ther was a small plastic, screw top container in the parcel”.

As the inquest heard, an unknown amount of substance was consumed by Ms Matthews, and she told the hospital staff that the package contained “protein powder”. The patients were now allowed to open their parcels if supervised by the staff. The jury informed in the inquest that the parcel had “foreign writing on it” and that the substance was bought from the internet.

Ms Mattews an “Incredible character”

beth matthews inquest

Source: NationlWorld

In the Court, a statement from Ms Matthews’s mother was also read. According to her mother, she was an incredible character who was bright, energetic, and very charming. She was avid in sports and loved sailing; she completed the gruelling Fastnet race at age 15. There are some strange facts that are also revealed in court; in 2019, she attempted suicide, and after this, she suffered life-changing injuries.

After all this, she started blogging about her recovery and mental health and gained thousands of followers on social media. According to her mother, she was very helpful in nature, she gave her best when reached her. The court inquiry is still continuing and may be finished in the upcoming weeks.

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