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Tony Pantano Death And Obituary: How Did Musician Die?

The internet is awash with tributes following Tony Pantano’s death from cancer. Find out more about his family and net worth through this article. Tony Pantano was an accomplished Australian musician, singer, songwriter and actor born in Italy. The singer’s music changed from pop to Latin American when he became the main vocalist and bassist of the band Sammy and The Dolphins.

Dolphins After Rendezvous is published, Sergio departs for a military stint in Vietnam. When he got back to Australia, the singer participated in Showcase and advanced to the finals. Tony’s debut record, “Every Time You Touch Me,” peaked at number 40 in the Australian top 40 in 1971, while his second single, “Tonight,” peaked at number 80.

Tony Pantano Death and Obituary: How Did Musician Die?

The renowned actor and singer passed away on January 7, 2023, after a battle with cancer. The renowned performer dubbed as Australia’s “king of cabaret” passed away today after a protracted battle with cancer. One advantage of spending time alone, according to Tony, who two years ago received diabetes and prostate cancer diagnoses, is the chance to remain in touch with old friends on social media.

Death and obituary of Tony Pantano

Tony Pantano died on Saturday January 7, 2023 from cancer.

One of Tony’s friends, Ben Maiorana, presents tributes to the singer and Francesca Brescia to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Calm. Ben’s heartbreaking moment learning of his death, but fans will never forget his magical voice and true friendship. 

Tony Pantano family: who are his parents?

Tony was born in Messina, Italy, but came to Australia with his parents in 1956. Sadly, web portals don’t have any information regarding Tony’s parents. Enza was the name of his sister. Tony posted a sweet picture of his grandson Giacamo on his Facebook page @Tony Pantano on December 29, 2022. When he was 12 years old, the singer joined his father in singing and playing slap bass at local Italian dances and weddings.

Tony formed his own pop band, Isy and the Dynamics, when he was 15 years old. In 1965, Isy and the Dynamics cut “One Night/Let Bygones Begone” as a single for the In label. Tony entertained cruise ship passengers on the open seas somewhere in the Pacific before he passed away, but now he’s on his way to Geelong and will make an appearance on Memory Lane in The Sphinx. The singer was honoured for excellence in live performance in Australia from 1975 to 2016 with 11 accolades from the Australian Entertainment Mo Awards.

Tony Pantano Death And Obituary: How Did Musician Die?

Source: Genius Celebs

Additionally, he has been nominated eight times for Best Male Vocal at the Ace Awards. In live shows, business meetings and events in Australasia, Europe and the United States, Pantano has been the protagonist. The vocalist has authored 17 albums and two Australian top-ten singles.

How much was Tony Pantano’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Tony Pantano’s net worth can be estimated to be around $1 million. Economic Research estimates that a vocalist in Australia makes an average of AUD 111,182 and AUD 53 per hour. Tony was entertaining cruise ship passengers on the open seas somewhere in the Pacific before he passed away, but he is currently travelling to Geelong and will make an appearance with Memory Lane in The Sphinx. Nicknamed “the man with the golden voice”, Tony has been acclaimed for decades. According to critics, Australia’s top talent possesses “incredible singing ability” and “captivating charm and charisma”.

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