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Pablo Patino in Custody after Intentionally Setting Home on Fire in Spring

Pablo Patino, the man accused of intentionally setting fire to his home in the spring to endanger his wife and her family members have now under custody after being hospitalized. The Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Office said that the Arson suspect was put in jail after being released from the hospital. Patino could face additional charges against officials and arson from the SWAT scene that happened Thursday.

Neighbors on Lotus Blossom Street are shocked and thrilled by the incident.

Kimberly Worthington said: “I see him sitting in the window, just lost,”

She said that she feels sad when she passes by Patino’s home and tears began to come to her eyes at what was lost.

Adding on to say: “I felt bad. I just felt bad that a house was destroyed, a family is destroyed. I just pray God has mercy on his soul.”

Pablo Patino jailed

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As per the authorities’ statement, Patino’s wife thought that her husband was out of town, and to get some clothes she went to the home in Lotus Blossom. since she knew that Patino was not in custody she asked the officials to escort her to the home, in case he was there.

The officials to ensure that it was clear got there and spotted Patino in a hallway. He then ran to a back bedroom and told the officials that he was carrying a gun. The constable deputies then immediately left the house and called for reinforcement.

Pablo Patino jailed

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Then a standoff began between Patino and authorities which came to an end when smoke was seen coming from the roof of Patino’s home. According to the officials, Patino set the fire when a robot sent by the officials spotted Patino in the attic.

After the firefighters worked to continue the fire officials were able to convince him to get out of the house. A neighbor made a video of Pablo coming out of the house from a second-story window. As soon as he got to the ground he was quickly arrested by the authorities.

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