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Is India Eisley dating anyone? Know India Eisley’s Dating and Love Life

India Eisley is a professional American actress. India is well-recognized as Ashley Juergens in the Sawa in the 2014 film “Kite”, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” tv series on ABC Family, Eve in the 2012 film “Underworld: Awakening”, Fauna Hodel in the 2019 TNT series “I Am the Night”, and Audrina in the 2016 television film “My Sweet Audrina”.

How old is India Eisley?

India Joy Eisley is known as India Eisley. India Eisley’s birth date is October 29, 1993, and India Eisley’s age is 29 years. India Eisley is from Los Angeles, California, U.S. India Eisley’s religion is Christian. India Eisley’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. India Eisley’s nationality is American.

Who is India Eisley Boyfriend?

India Eisley fans want to know, is India Eisley dating?, is India Eisley in a relationship? But you will be surprised to know that India Eisley is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone. Earlier, a rumor about India Eisley surfaced that she was in a relationship with an actor. India Eisley is searching for her love. Soon she will convey the news of her partner to us.

Who are India Eisley parents?

India Eisley was born to American musician David Glen Eisley and English actress Olivia Hussey in Los Angeles, California, U.S. India Eisley’s paternal grandfather Anthony Eisley, was also an American actor. India Eisley’s maternal grandfather Andreas Osuna was an Argentinian opera singer. India Eisley has two siblings. Their names are Alexander Martin and Maximillian Fuse.

India Eisley With Her Parents

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What is India Eisley known for?

India Eisley is famous for her work and role as Sawa in the “Kite” film in 2014. India Eisley made her acting debut in 2003 in the “Mother Teresa of Calcutta” television series, an uncredited role as an English girl. In 2005, India Eisley made her film debut with “Headspace” film as Martha. After that, India Eisley acted in many movies and tv series, including Social Suicide, Clinical, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, Look Away, Amerigeddon, Dead Reckoning, Underworld: Awakening, Every Breath You Take, Adolescence, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, My Sweet Audrina, Nanny Cam, I Am the Night, and more.

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