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In front of a Miami Gardens restaurant, multiple people were shot

Police are trying to find the culprits of the shooting outside the Miami Gardens restaurant on Thursday night. In the shooting, more than ten people were injured, according to different reports. According to WFOR- TV, rappers Montana and Rob49 recorded a music video at the time of the incident.

Miami Gardens police reached outside the Licking restaurant just before 8 PM; they found many wounded people there, as said by WSVN. Police still have not told about the number of injured people, but the other sources said the toll is more than 10. After the incident, the Miami-Dade fire reached the spot, while paramedics responded immediately.

Four victims were referred to local hospitals, and one is still in serious condition. Other little injured victims were transported to the hospital, according to WFOR.

Miami restaurant shooting

Source: WSVN

“all this happend when the rapper French Montana’s recoreded music video, the recording are happeing near the restaurant. Then we suddenly listned the gunshots before the people ran chaotically,” said a witness.

MGPD detective Diana Gorge working on the case, informed to media, “we are working the incident and ther are multiple gunshots, so obviously, there are multiple cases. We are fully active about the case , we can not confirm anythin now because everything is still under investigation.”

Witness Ced Mogul said, ” I came out from the restaurant to watch the recording of the video of rapper; at that time, a random person who also watching the rapper’s shooting was robbed his wallet and watch , this led to the situation to escalate.”

Miami restaurant shooting

Source: Fox News

He further added, “there was at 14 to 15 gunshots was fired; the shots was very fast sounded like assault rifle. While I took off running and I suddenly looked back; people are trying to escape the place while some wounded people were asking for help; when i realized when you got shot how you can help to others.”

According to the latest reports, there have been no fatalities till now, but the situation of other victims is still unknown. Police still do not provide any updates on the suspects or possible suspects but still working on the case.

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