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Sean Patterson | ‘Contract killing’ killed British man in Jamaica, police say

Sean Patterson, the 33-year-old British man, was shot in Jamaica and died later. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about the whole incident; stay tuned.

What happened to Sean Patterson

On Monday, Sean Patterson, a young personal trainer from Notting Hill, was found dead at One Love vill in Jamaica. We all heard a loud explosive voice when Patterson was standing at the side of the pool of the guest where he was staying, told by the witnesses to the Jamaican police. Patterson was immediately referred to a nearby hospital, but after some time, he was announced dead. According to some local news, a 34-year-old man was arrested as a suspect.

Sean Patterson leaves behind her fiancee, West Londoner; both have been together for the last 13 years. They are thinking of starting a family together. The suspect was deported in 2013 from the UK, now taken into Jamaican police custody.

Truth About the Contract Killing

Sean Patterson die

Source: LBC

The Shooting of British tourism was a Contract Killing, and the incident happened by some unknown person informed by some local news reporters. Fitz Bailey, Jamaican deputy police, also confirmed the news of the Contract Killing, said, “The shooting was a contract killing that emanated from Britain.”

Still, we could not find proof that Patterson was connected to anyone in Jamaica or was robbed in the guest house. Bailey added, ” We got some authorites reports from the UK adminstaration that Sean Patterson has a very large criminal recored for many criminal activites like frearms, violence and narcotics.”

How did it happen in the Pool?

At noon, Patterson and another Jamaican man went to the villa’s pool while the other three men stayed that time on their rooms. The Witnesses said, “he turned to the Patterson, and then we all listend the several loud explosive gunshots.”
“Then i saw a alone man dressed in the black hoodie with the gun shotting on the Patterson afterthat he ran away from the spot and hid somewere in the bushes.” told the witnesses to the police.

Netizens writing on Social Media

Sean Patterson die

Source: The Times

Dani Sinha

Police in #Jamaica claims British man Sean Patterson’s murder was a contract killing.

Andrew Russell – Davis

Police investigating the shooting of Briton in Jamaica theorise his murder was a contract killing from the UK; 72 hours after his arrival in Montego Bay! Credible information Sean Patterson had an extensive criminal record for a number of criminal offences; narcotics, violence & firearms!

Southall Name Shame To Fame

A 33-year-old Personal trainer Sean from Notting Hill, was found with gunshot wounds to his head and upper body at the One Love villa on Monday in, St James.
Sean was standing by a pool at the popular guest house when he was approached by a suspect who pulled out a handgun, pursued him a short distance and then opened fire.
Witnesses heard “loud explosions”, Jamaica Constabulary Force said. The victim was transported to Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay but was unable to be revived.
His mum has taken to social media to express her grief, writing: “My son Sean Patterson has been shot Dead in Jamaica my hearts in pain. my Beautiful son Sean. I don’t understand.”
Sean’s sister added: “Well that’s one way to start the new year finding out your baby brother has been murdered in Jamaica. To say we are heart broken is an understatement.”
“You’ll get justice ikkle (little) bro.”
Jamaica’s Constabulary Force said Sean was standing by the pool of the guest house where he was staying before witnesses head ‘loud explosions’.

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