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How did Xabi Alonso meet his wife? Who is football coach Xabi’s Wife?

Xabi Alonso is a former football player and football coach. Xabi Alonso’s position was Midfielder. He is currently working as the head coach for the Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen. Xabi Alonso has been selected as the head coach for Bayer Leverkusen on 5 October 2022. Xabi Alonso began his career with Real Sociedad, the main team of his hometown Gipuzkoa. Xabi was then named captain for Real Sociedad by then-manager John Toshack.

Xabi was successful in leading the club to second place in the 2002–2003 season. Subsequently, in August 2004, Xabi moved to Liverpool for £10.5 million, where Xabi Alonso won the UEFA Champions League in his first season under manager Rafael Benítez. Xabi won the FA Community Shield and the FA Cup in his second season.

How old is Xabi Alonso?

Xabi Alonso is 41 years old. Xabi Alonso was born to Periko Alonso and Isabel Olano in Tolosa, Spain. He has a sibling whose name is Mikel Alonso. Xabi’s full name is Xabier Alonso Olano. His birth date is 25 November 1981. Xabi Alonso’s height is 6 feet tall. Xabi Alonso’s nationality is Spanish.

What languages does Xabi Alonso speak?

Xabi Alonso was born in Spain, and Xabi Alonso speaks Spanish. Xabi Alonso speaks several languages ​​besides Spanish. Zaabi also speaks English, German and Spanish, which shows his talent. In addition to his talent in football and coaching career, Xabi is also multi-lingual.

Who is Xabi Alonso Wife?

Xabi Alonso married in 2013 with and partner. Xabi Alonso’s wife’s name is Nagore Aranburu. Zaabi and his wife Nagore are still together after marriage. Xabi and Nagaur have three left. Their names are Jontxu Alonso Aranburu, Ane Alonso Aranburu, and Emma Alonso Aranburu. Xabi Alonso gives his time, helps and takes care of his wife and children.

Xabi Alonso With His wife Nagore Aranburu

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How many Champions Leagues did Xabi Alonso win?

Xabi Alonso won his first career Champions League title with Real in the 2011–12 season. Subsequently, Xabi won a second Champions League title in the 2013–12 season. Xabi Alonso played a total of 158 matches for Real at the time of his football career. Xabi Alonso joined the Bayern Munich squad on 29 August 2014.

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