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Who was Irene Banerjee Husband? How did the Chippendales Founder Die?

After watching the Hulu series Welcome to Chippendales, based on the life story of Irene Banerjee, fans are curious to know more about her husband. We are thus providing you with detailed information on the real-life story of Irene Banerjee and Steve Banerjee. Irene Banerjee was the spouse of the founder of Chippendales, Somen Steve Banerjee, who was a well-known businessman in the 1970s. Steve was a convicted murderer charged with murdering male dancers and choreographers. The Indian-American businessman was arrested for multiple criminal charges. He thus received the death sentence and hanged himself in his cell in 1994.

Everything to Know About Irene Banerjee’s Husband Steve Banerjee

Who is Irene Banerjee husband?

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Steve Banerjee was a business tycoon born in Mumbai, India. Steve started his career as an operator at a mobile gas station. He was the founder of a male dance company, Chippendales, where his wife initially served as an accountant. To boost up his company, he paired with Paul Snider, a promoter and Emmy-winning choreographer, Nick de Noia. The businessman also owned several night club and was the founder of the first male strip club in the US. He also introduced acts like female mud wrestling.

Steve was arrested in charge of killing producer de Noia. According to the information available, Steve hired a former police officer to shoot de Noia in his New York Office. The shooter reportedly escaped before police arrived. He has also attempted to set fire to a property deliberately. Steve, with the charge of murder and other criminal charges, was set to sentence for 26 years, but a few hours before his final sentencing, he hanged himself using a bedsheet in his jail cell.

Relationship Status of Irene Banerjee and Steve Banerjee

Who is Irene Banerjee husband?

Image Source: Distractify

The couple met in the 1970s and married each other in the 1980s. They are blessed with two children named Lindsay and Christian. Irene being a supportive wife, was by his side when he was facing justice. She filed a petition to have her report action thrown out, which the court did not accept. She tried her best to collect witnesses and reduce her husband’s sentence. After her husband’s demise, Irene inherited all his property and became the owner of Chippendale. However, she passed away due to breast cancer in 2001. It was reported that Irene sold the Chippendale worth $ 2.5 million to a private owner before her death.

Net Worth of Steve Banerjee at the time of his Death

Steve, at that time, was the owner of several nightclubs. As the reports suggest, he had stored a hefty amount of money with Swiss banks to ensure his family’s security if he died. Although it was reported that the money was not recovered. It was assumed that his net worth was around $ 4-5 million at his death.

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