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Who is Ruth Tembo? A 14-year-old Marymount Secondary School student died in a bus accident

Ruth Tembo, a Marymount Secondary School student, died following a bus accident at Mzimba on Monday. Let’s take a look at this whole incident in this article.

How did the accident happen

Fourteen years old Ruth Tembo was killed in a tragic bus accident on Monday in Mzimba; Ruth was a student of the Marymount Secondary School. An Eye Witness announced, “In a sudden event, a student from Marymount Secondary school died. The bus was carrying 58 passengers from Lilongwe to Mzuzu on Monday; SA 10038 is the bus number.

Police statement about the incident

Who is Ruth Tembo

Source: Malawi24

During the accident, the driver lost control of the bus while speeding, around 21 people were injured in the collision, and they were referred to Mzimba District Hospital and Jenda Health Center, according to the police. Senior police officer Merlyn Yolamu visited the Mzimba District Hospital and informed that out of ten patients, one had been referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital. In comparison, Four little severe patients were admitted to the Mzuzu Central Hospital, and the other five are still in the hospital, four of whom were set to discharge soon.

Details about other minor Injuries to others

The bus conductor was referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital after severe injuries. In contrast, the driver Duncan Nhwende who escaped with all types of wounds and injuries had been caught on the charge, and police were awaiting to appear in court. He will be charged with causing death due to unlawful driving. Vanessa Salima, a 12-year-old girl, had her hand cut off, while Joseph Phinifolo had a fracture on the left hand. Head injuries happened for the Thandwe Mmanjamwada, and the other 18 students also suffered from minor injuries. The driver said he lost control of the vehicle due to high speed.

Latest update: death toll reached 2

Who is Ruth Tembo

Source: Face of Malawi

Another student who was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe has died. The number of death reached two. “Our staff and doctors reached at the spot at the right time, in a short span of time we proide the first-aid to all passangers while reffered the serious ones to other hospital i thanl to DHO and the team for this great work to assisting our girls,” said by the District Health Officials on Tuesday morning.

Local News reporters shared the details on the Social Media

Times 360 Malawi
A Marymount Secondary School student died in a bus accident after the Luviri bridge in Mzimba on Monday afternoon. The bus was carrying 59 students coming from Lilongwe to Mzuzu.

Eye Witness
In a tragic turn of events, a Marymount Secondary student died in a bus accident after the Luviri bridge in Mzimba this afternoon. The deceased has been identified as Ruth Tembo, age 14. The over-speeding bus was carrying 59 students from Lilongwe to Mzuzu.

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