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Know Singapore’s Creative Agency CEO Sim Wong Hoo’s Cause of Death

Sim Wong Hoo, the creative technology founder who founded the Singapore tech company in 1981, passed away on Thursday at 67. The Creative board of directors announced his death in a Singapore Exchange filing. The Statement reads:

“On behalf of all staff of the company, the board expresses its deepest sorrow over the death of Mr Sim and conveys its condolences to his family,”

“The board also expresses its heartfelt gratitude for the immense contributions to the company by Mr Sim during his tenure as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company.”

Sim Wong Hoo die

Image Source: Hardware Zone

According to the statement, Mr Sim died peacefully. However, the company did not provide any other information regarding the cause of his death or the circumstances which led to his death. However, the company’s interim CEO, Song Siow Hui, the president of the Creative Labs business unit, said as a “sad and sudden development” and also mentioned that the firm would continue to follow the late founder’s plan and procedure.

Sim Wong Hoo founded Creative and achieved success with its sound blaster cards. This brought audio to over 400 million computers. Through this, the company became a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products. Moreover, in 1992 Creative became the first Singaporean company to list shares on the Nasdaq. In 2000 Sim Wong Hoo became Singapore’s youngest billionaire with increasingly successful businesses. In 2006 Mr Sim sued Apple for patent violation over the iPod and won a $ 100 million settlement.

Sim Wong Hoo die

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The board of directors, in their statement, noted: “Mr Sim has played an instrumental role in developing the business and has provided the company with strong leadership and vision,” it said.

“Under his guidance, the company became famous for the Sound Blaster sound cards and is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products.

“The company also launched the multimedia revolution that drives digital entertainment with cutting-edge audio solutions which include premium wireless speakers, wireless headphones, powerful audiophile-grade amplifiers and digital audio converters, and next-generation home-theatre systems.”

Lee Kheng Nam, Creative Technology’s lead independent non-executive director, is appointed as the acting chairman during the transition period. Ng Kai Wa, Sim’s former schoolmate, is the interim vice chairman.

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