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Brothers Nathaniel and Gareth Train, a Mild-Mannered Educator turned into a Murderous Cop Killer

Who are Nathaniel and Gareth Train
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Brothers Nathaniel and Gareth Train died in a gunfight with the armed forces on Monday night at their Wieambilla property in the western Darling Downs region. Both the brothers and Gareth along with his wife Stacey in a gunfight shot dead constables Mathew Arnold and Rachel McCrow and their neighbor Alan dare before they were killed.

A public appeal was launched by NSW Police last week to find Nathaniel Train who was missing for a year. Nathaniel was a former school principal last seen at his Dubbo home on December 16, 2021. Four Queensland police officers went to search for Nathaniel who was reported to be missing at their property.

Who are Nathaniel and Gareth Train

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The property where the shooting happened is owned by Gareth Train and his wife Stacey. Nathaniel worked as executive principal at Walgett Community College Primary School. But as per the NSW Education departmentNathaniel had not been seen in the state’s education system since August 2021 but officially resigned in March. As per the reports, he was dismissed from his last role and was not happy to get vaccinated. Initially, Nathaniel and Stacey both worked in the Queensland education system. Nathaniel while working in northern NSW sent 16 emails over two weeks regarding the need for assistance and problems there.

As per the statement of Queensland Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll to the reporters-

“That person had been missing for up to about 12 months, but people had been in contact with him,”

Nathaniel was also a principal at the Yorkeys Knob State School in 2017 in Far North Queensland. Barron River MP Craig Crawford said that he did not know that why he left the School and under what circumstances.

Mr. Crawford said- “I was completely shocked when I saw his name and face to realize this was the same person who was our principal at Yorkeys Knob. “He behaved and acted like any principal I’ve dealt with in my electorate,”

“He certainly gave no indication he could be capable of such an unfathomably evil act.” 

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