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Babbs Mill Park Lake Tragedy: How did the Three Children Die

Babbs Mill Park Lake Tragedy
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On Sunday afternoon three boys aged ten, eight, and eleven died after ice cracked at Babbs Mill nature reserve in Kingshurt, Solihull. Emergency services personnel and members of the public jumped up into the frozen lake in the clothes they were wearing to save the lives of the four young boys. A fourth boy was in critical condition in the hospital. It was reported that six boys fell into the lake. Searchings were going on for the two boys by the rescue team. Police fear two more children underwater. The incidental area was ceased until further information is derived.

Babbs Mill Park Lake Tragedy

Image Source: Houston chronicle

The Councillor for Solihull Borough Council, Marcus Brain said –

“there possibly should have been more signage” at the lake and “there should have been more buoys at the side”.

The identity of the first boy among the three was done after her sister screams seeing the boy “My brother My brother”. The boy was named Jack Johnson.

According to the local community, the incident happened because the children were possibly playing football near the ice. Flowers were laid near the lake by the local people.

Richard Harris, West Midlands Police Superintendent said- 

It’s important to stress … that we’ve had no contact from anybody suggesting that there’s anybody else missing, but until we’re 100% certain we will be carrying on searches throughout the course of today,” 

West Midlands police in their statement further said-

“We understand how distressing this is for the families and the wider community,”

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