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How Did Eric Baker Die? Coach Cause of Death Explained

Eric Baker die

Coach Eric Baker who worked in the Cheer Extreme DMV for the past 11 years, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Eric Baker’s cause of death.

What Became Eric Baker?

We share this heartbreaking news with you with sorrowful hearts. We learnt late last night that one of our most treasured employees died unexpectedly at home yesterday. Coach Eric Baker has been a presence at Cheer Extreme DMV for the past 11 years, touching many lives and bringing smiles to our athletes and families.

Eric Baker Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

This terrible loss has saddened us. While we do not yet have specifics on service, we will be planning a celebration of life soon and will share them as they become available. Eric was usually the loudest and most entertaining person in the room, as you all know, and we know he would want us to celebrate his life and share our favourite memories. This season will be dedicated to Eric. Our athletes and their families meant everything to him. We will notify you as soon as possible with a date and time when we can all remember him. We will be at the gym as usual and are available for anyone who wishes to speak with us.

DMV Extreme Cheer:

The all-star cheerleaders Cheer Extreme was founded in 1992. We are delighted that you want to learn as much about our programme. As a family-owned business, CEA delivers our passion for the sport to over 1,000 athletes from North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our team tries to help athletes improve emotionally, cognitively, and physically via practice, performance, and competition. According to our theory, each child may reach their full potential with the correct guidance and instruction. All-Star cheerleading involves elite stunting, dance, strength and conditioning, and tumbling to foster collaboration and goal-setting. Safety is always a top priority; we only use the most competent trainers to coach your athlete.

Coach Eric Baker Tributes

Ruderman, Marci A.

This news has crushed us. Coach Eric was larger than life, and I can’t express how much we miss him. Appreciate you for being such a role model for Supernovas. Eric. You always have faith in their potential and helped them develop tremendously as athletes, from their skill level to their cheer sass! We will never forget your smile, laughter, love, and prayers for Eric and his family.

Mimi Gehres’s

We are devastated by the news. Eric was such a blessing to our girls, and I’m not sure how we’ll manage without him. All those who knew and loved him send their condolences.

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