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Rangga Sasana aka Lord Rangga die- Rest in peace

Rangga Sasana aka Lord Rangga

Ki Ageng Ranggasasana, also known as Rangga Sasana or Lord Rangga (12 September 1967–7 December 2022), was a Javanese ethnic leader who promoted the Sunda Empire organisation. He rose to fame after speaking as a special guest at an Indonesia Lawyers Club event in his capacity as the General Secretary, a senior Sunda Empire official.

Rangga Sasana aka Lord Rangga die

After appearing as a resource at the Indonesia Lawyers Club on January 21, 2020 as a top official of the Sunda Empire, Rangga rose to fame. Then, in accordance with Article 14 Paragraph (1) of Law Number 1 of 1946 as in the first indictment regarding the act of broadcasting fake news that caused chaos, Rangga was sentenced to two years in prison along with two other Sunda Empire officials, namely Nasri Banks as Prime Minister and Raden Ratnaningrum as Emperor. On January 28, 2020, Rangga was stopped by the West Java Regional Police while visiting a family in Tambun, Bekasi. Rangga was ultimately freed from the Banceuy Penitentiary, Bandung, in 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic adjustments and assimilation he obtained for his good behaviour.

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Source: Kaber Banten

The previous ruler of the Sunda Realm, Ruler Rangga, has passed away. Ruler, find joy in the hereafter! Answering to @kegblgnunfaedh, heyki tweeted To mendo’akan alm, Mari kita tundukan kepala sejenak. Semoga dosa, beliau di ampuni dan amal ibadahnya di terima, serta mendapat tempat terbaik di sisi Allah, sang Master Rangga sang pengatur tatanan dunia. Tweeted Amin RF: @mynameisrf_ Although this news truly astounded me, nobody can predict when someone will pass away. Sending condolences to his family and wishing Master Rangga happiness in the afterlife. Rangga’s celebrity grew steadily, and he was welcomed at many events on both popular YouTube channels and public, private TV. His irrational concerns successfully incite nearby laughter. Honors for Master Rangga include: Tweeted Aiyyaaaa, Find happiness in the hereafter; without you, the universe will never again be in harmony. Rangega Master Tweeted BANDING FESS, I’m sorry, but males aren’t funny. This information is awful. The death of Master Rangga, the Sunda Domain’s highest authority, is confirmed. Iqbaludien Muhammad tweeted, Inalillahi wa inailaihi rajiun +62.

Rangga is from Grinting Village in the Brebes Regency of Central Java’s Bulakamba District. The Brebes Regency DPRD member Wamadiharjo, a Grinting resident who acknowledges knowing Rangga, revealed that Rangga’s real name is Edi Raharjo. Rangga is well-known for holding a professor title in the neighborhood. However, nobody is really certain of his position. This is due to Rangga’s absence from his native city and few trips back there. He graduated in the 1980s from the Middle Agricultural School (SPM) in Baros. then for a very long period out of Brebes. According to rumours in the area, Rangga is a lieutenant general with the rank of three stars, although it is unclear for whose organisation he serves.

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