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Amber Heard Latest News, Appealing For New Trial

Amber Heard

Amber Heard Latest News is that recently lost the new trial against Johnny Depp as the case went on to a defamation case. During that case itself, she lost the case as the charges she provided against her previous husband did not fall perfectly, and that was the reason the actress has appealed for a new trial as it is very important for her to gain proper knowledge about the board exactly happened with her X husband and as the defamation case was won by Johnny she has directly appealed for a new trial in the court of battle that will decide the fate of both the individuals in the future. No exact details are directly available about the latest trial, but news has been made.

Amber Heard New Trial

Amber Heard Appealing for New Trial

Amber Heard directly appealed for a new trial in the battle of court on the third of December 2022 to again prove that her previous husband was not very polite in behaving with him and that all the charges with she gave to him or true; so she has directly appealed for a new trial after losing the defamation case of the previous trial. Through the previous trial, which she lost, the court directly awarded Johnny 15 million US Dollars in terms of the damages that were provided to him and theory also awarded him 2 million US dollars for the part of the counterclaim as he was thrown out of a few movies that he was directly performing.

Amber Heard Previous Case

Amber Heard Losing the previous Case

Amber Heard, in the earlier part of the Year, directly provided a case against her previous husband, Johnny Depp, for $exually assaulting her and also forcing her due to a certain extent and not providing her with whatever was needed in a relationship. The entire world thought that Johnny Depp was at fault as the charges provided by her were so serious that there was no chance that Johnny would survive the trial. But after the entire court trial occurred, it was provided to the jury that Johnny Depp was not at any fault and the charges provided by Amber Heard were fake. She directly lost the entire trial, and the court already gave the verdict, so recently, she is looking forward to applying for a new trial to gain justice.

Amber Heard New Verdict

New Verdict of Amber Heard

Amber Heard has appealed to the court to gain a new word that will prove that Johnny Depp was guilty and that whatever happened between both the husband and wife was true and the $exual assault for which the charges provided against Johnny are proven to be true. Amber Heard has directly taken a new lawyer. She is looking forward to gaining proper knowledge about the entire incident to prove herself not guilty of the false charges that are provided against her. They also prove that Johnny Depp is guilty of the charges against him. Presently there are no official details about what the child will take place, and there are chances that the court will deny The appeal of Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp

The case related to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was given various charges against his wife as he was provided charges of $exually assaulting his wife and also doing certain serious things to his wife that were not supposed to be done. During the trial that took place five months back in this particular year itself, it proved that Johnny Depp was not guilty of whatever happened, and there were also details provided that he was innocent, and that was the case that he directly won. He also received much compensation from the court and was supposed to receive compensation from Amber Heard due to the false charges that were provided against him. If the court allows the new trial, it will be held in a few months, and it will create a proper impact on the lives of both individuals.