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Between Us Episode 5 Release Date, Recap and Ending Explained

Between Us Episode 5 Release Date, Recap and Ending Explained

For all the fujoshi around the world, if you are looking for a new Thai BL series, Between Us is the drama you are looking for. Between Us is set in college, where the characters have previously met out of a hot fling. The cast is short of famous actors, starring Thai Jimin, Prem and the supermodel Noppanut Guntachai. What’s the catch of the show? The show is top-rated for swimming fans as the characters are connected through the college swimming club.

Between Us plot:

Between Us plot

Between Us is focused on the main character, Team, who is a gifted athlete and he has recently started college. He always excels at everything he tries and is in a swimming contest. Our character, however, perfect, happens to have a flaw caused by his past trauma and to tackle that swim squad, Win gives up his bedroom for the Team to reside in.

The Team begins to grow and improve in his skills while the others share the same competitive spirit. Win also has his battles to tackle, like learning to accept affection and appreciate those around him.

Between Us cast:

Between Us cast
The character playing the role of Seme Win is supermodel Noppanut Guntachai. He struggled in the industry for seven years until he got his breakthrough, ‘Until We Meet Again’. He was paired alongside the same co-star as Between Us. Fans have shipped the two, calling them ‘BounPrem’ while they happened to have a close and intimate friendship. Prem Warut is playing the role of Team, who made his film debut through the movie ‘Goblin Project’. In his struggling days, he also gained popularity through a boyband he used to be a part of. The actors seem to have good chemistry, and it’s been a treat to the fans as their shows have much preferred raw acting.

Between Us episode 4 recap:

Between Us episode 4

In the previous episodes, the story has progressed with Team’s introduction to the Swim Teammates A, Sea and Bee. Win struggles to calm his younger brother Wan at the information desk as Pruek and Dean remain on the sidelines. Pruek makes fun of the fact that the world has people with zero percentage sentimental people like Win. Win turns his attention to the star of the show, Team, who happens to have wounded himself. Win urges every member to look for first care, and he cannot examine his injuries. He jokingly asserts that incision was not series during the practice season, but he gets enraged when Team showcases his skills. The debate on Win giving his room to Team right after this begins.

Between us, episode 5 where to watch:

Between Us episode 5

Between Us is primarily a TV show which can be accessed on IQIYI, Dailymotion and YouTube, as well as pirate websites of East Asian drama using a VPN. More streaming platforms will soon be able to reach the show rights, and the streaming network is expected to rise.

Between Us Episode 5 Release Date:

Between Us episode 5 release date
The show Between Us has gained popularity at the top charts of the Thai Drama Series, which was initially released on November 6, 2022.

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