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Is Reze Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Reze in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is focused on Denji, a high school boy living in poverty. He is murdered by the yakuza to whom he owes money, and after death, he makes a contract that connects his body with a devil called Pochita. Poche is Denji’s pet, and the agreement allows him to transform his body parts into chainsaws. Denji becomes a devil hunter after killing the yakuza who killed him and joins a government organization called Public Safety Devil Hunters that, as the name suggests, hunts off devils when they become a threat to national peace. The second side of the plot focuses on Denji’s classmate, Asa Mitaka, a high school girl, who forms the devil’s contract with Yoru, a war Devil. Yoru, the devil, forces her to reclaim the devils stolen from her and hunts Denji, who is now called ‘the Chainsaw Man.

Who is Reze in Chainsaw Man?

Reze in Chainsaw Man (1)
Size is most likely the most iconic villain from Chainsaw Man, who is initially introduced as Bomb Devil arc. She pursues Denji with a romantic interest to get his attention, and the romantic interest is entirely fake. Reze desired Denji’s attention to capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart as commanded by her boss, the Gun Devil.

The popularity of Reze in Chainsaw Man:

Popularity of Reze in Chainsaw Man
Reza’s childhood roots in the Soviet Union, she is trained under a top-secret experiment in an attempt to create an invincible fighter to protect the country. Reza has been through intense training and scientific experiments to become a superhuman, and to do that, she was somehow turned into a human and devil hybrid with a contract with the Bomb Devil.
The series’ fans popularly adore Reze due to her backstory and how she stands in the plot. She has a lot of fans who do not wish to see her get a sad ending, especially after a tragic backstory.

Is Reze Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Reze dead in Chainsaw Man
We see the Chainsaw Man and Reze in an intense action battle. Reze does not die in the initial parts of the series, but we have no awareness of what she plans after her last front. Reze, in the manga, was last seen in chapter 94 during Denji’s battle with Makima. Denji defeats Makima, and all the other hybrid devils disappear soon after she is defeated. After Reze fails to reach Chainsaw Man’s heart, she falls under the control of Makima. Maxima reached out to Reze, hoping that Reze could be used as a soldier and help her win against the Chainsaw Devil.
Reze is alive, as evident by her last glimpse of her on the battlefield. We, or anyone else, are still determining whether she is still under Makima’s control. Maybe Reze is living together with other hybrids, or perhaps she is still under Makima’s control even after her defeat.

What happened to Reze in Chainsaw Man?

Reze in Chainsaw Man
As evident by Reza’s last appearance during the final arc of the first part of the Chainsaw Man’s series, Reze gets captured by Makima. Makima uses her powers to control other devils as she is Control Devil, and she gets a hold of Reza’s mind. Makima intends to use Reze as a soldier to help her win the battle against Chainsaw Devil. After the fight, we saw Reze disappearing in the story.

Can we expect to see Reze again in Chainsaw Man?

Reze again in Chainsaw Man

Size can be seen in the battle with Makima’s other hybrids. Reze is entirely useless to Makima as she does not prove to be a great warrior. She failed to capture the Chainsaw Devil, and she got decapitated by him. The character has much development to do and motives for revenge.
The Chainsaw Man series has not end either, so we may expect to see Reze again.

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