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Where is Teddy Hart’s Ex-Girlfriend Machiko Now?

Where is Teddy Hart's Ex-Girlfriend Machiko Now?

The controversial life of Canadian professional wrestler Teddy Hart is explored in Peacock’s book “Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats.” Teddy Hart became national attention when his ex-girlfriend Samantha Fiddler vanished in November 2016. It examines Samantha’s abrupt disappearance and the wrestler’s troubled past through interviews with several friends and former lovers. Machiko, a former student of Teddy’s who was outspoken about her interactions with him, is one such person who appears prominently in the docuseries. Now, if you want to learn a little about Machiko and her movements, we can help!

Where is Teddy Hart's Ex-Girlfriend Machiko Now?

Machiko: Who Is This?

Shojo Machiko, also known as Machiko, is a pro wrestler from Fort Worth, Texas, who encountered Teddy in 2015. He was allegedly hiding from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police due to accusations of $exual abuse and harassment made against him by his ex-wife, Fay Hart, with his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. According to the program, Machiko was a massive admirer of Teddy and his family’s wrestling and was eager to pick Teddy’s brain.

So when Teddy decided to train her and let him reside with her in her Dallas home, the Texas native was overjoyed. Not only that, but she grew particularly close to his favourite cat, Mr Money, and assisted him in caring for his Persian cats. They started dating soon after and intended to compete in wrestling competitions together. Unbeknownst to everybody, the pair was in a difficult situation because Teddy was scheduled to return to Canada and turn himself into the authorities.

The show claims that Machiko had made plans to go with her lover but that his videographer Frederick Kroetsch saw him acting very hostilely against her in a restaurant. Sadly, Machiko and the cat, Mr Money, were immediately deported to the US when the couple arrived in Canada owing to an irrelevant charge. In contrast hand, their relationship deteriorated over time due to Teddy’s arrest and subsequent release on bond. Surprisingly, he got back in touch with Machiko in 2016, just before his ex-girlfriend Samantha Fiddler vanished.

In the episode, Machiko said Teddy drove from Florida to Dallas in Samantha’s Jaguar and met her there, where he alleged to have separated from the latter. In addition, in defiance of what Teddy had told her, she discovered Samantha’s passport inside the vehicle. Thus, Machiko’s concerns that he was abusing the latter grew. The Texas resident grew apart from Teddy when Samantha vanished in November 2016.

Today, Where Is Machiko?

After leaving Teddy Hart, Machiko continued to concentrate on her wrestling career in Dallas, Texas. She quickly established a reputation in the state by engaging in singles and tag team competitions against various rivals. Since 2011, Machiko has established a solid reputation in female professional wrestling and keeps improving as a competitor. But in 2020, she got in touch with April Fiddler, Samantha’s sister, who was looking into the former’s disappearance.

Machiko felt encouraged to speak out against Teddy’s violence after realising that he had lied when he denied knowing the missing woman. She actively participated in the Speaking Out Movement, which gave pro wrestling abuse victims a voice. She exposed him on social media in 2020 for being accused of $exual assault and harassment. She also revealed that he allegedly stole money from her, physically assaulted her, and even drugged her.

However, Machiko has since decided to concentrate on her job and wants to avoid Teddy at all costs. She admitted on the programme that she is still working through the trauma she endured throughout that affair and hoped to get over it one day. Interestingly, Machiko cares for Mr Money, who enjoys hanging out with her other cats. The wrestler continues to advocate for assault victims while living a happy life in Dallas.

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