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Chinese-Canadian Pop Star Kris Wu Arrested For Scandal On Rape

Kris Wu Arrested

Kris Wu, a Chinese-Canadian pop sensation, has been arrested on suspicion of rape in a high-profile case stemming from allegations that the singer $exually attacked a 17-year-old while drunk and recruited young women into $exual relationships. The prosecutor’s office in Beijing’s Chaoyang district said in a one-sentence statement that Wu’s detention had been formally approved but provided no information on the allegations. Wu, 30, had previously denied $exually assaulting a teenager while she was inebriated. The accusation sparked an outpouring of support for the adolescent and criticism of Wu on social media.

Who is Kris Wu?

Wu, born in southern China but now resides in Canada, rose to prominence as a member of the Korean-Chinese pop group and then as a solo act after leaving the band in 2014. He appeared in several films and posed for labels such as Burberry, quickly becoming one of the country’s top brand ambassadors. However, as rape allegations surfaced in July, several of his primary business partners were quick to disassociate themselves. Among those who have stopped or broken connections with the singer are the French fashion business Louis Vuitton, Italian luxury brand Bulgari, and Chinese cosmetics brand Kans.

Kris Wu Involved In A Scandal:

The Kris Wu $ex scandal involves Chinese-Canadian rapper and actor Kris Wu. Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old Chinese lady, accused him of raping her and more than 30 other young women and girls in a post on her Weibo account on July 8, 2021. Wu denied all allegations, but was stripped of sponsorships, had his social media profiles and music taken from Chinese platforms, and was convicted of raping “three drunken ladies” and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

What Does the Teenager Say?

According to the teenager, Wu, a former member of the Korean boyband EXO, allegedly enticed seven women with promises of jobs and other chances. She stated that several were under 18 but did not specify whether any were younger than China’s consent age of 14. Wu, also known as Wu Yifan in Chinese, has denied having $ex with anyone under 14. According to a police statement, Wu was detained on August 1 while police started an investigation in response to remarks online that he had “repeatedly persuaded young women” to have $ex.

Kris Wu Arrested On Many Accusations:

Wu’s case isn’t the only #MeToo scandal to have engulfed China in recent weeks. Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company, announced last Monday that it had fired an employee suspected of $exually harassing another employee during a work trip. In both incidents, victims made their complaints on Chinese social media, causing an uproar and prompting police to investigate. Some online praised the authorities’ quick steps, citing the two cases as evidence of China’s effective rule of law and criminal justice. Others, however, maintained that the high-profile nature of the cases underscored how uncommon it is for survivors to speak up and seek justice.

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