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A new song will be released by BTS for the first time as a group

A new song will be released by BTS for the first time as a group
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BTS is about to release the OST for an upcoming animated series, Bastions. Despite Of Yet To Come is their first release as a group since last summer. On May 14, 2023, a new OST will be released.

BTS to Return As a Group

Bastions will feature BTS’ vocals on the soundtrack. Thymos Media announced that BTS is back, which has led to a trending hashtag ‘BTS is back’. A new 3D animated superhero film’s theme song will be sung by the group. Jin’s military service will be prominently featured in the song, as it was recorded before he joined BTS.

Bastions will feature BTS’ new song during the opening credits.

BTS Solo Performances

The story of Bastions revolves around superheroes fighting environmental pollution. SBS will broadcast it on May 14 at 7:30 a.m. Korea Standard Time.

Last June, BTS announced they would suspend group activities for a while in order to focus on solo activities. At the same time, all of the members will be completing their military enlistment. Jin has already completed his military service. It is expected that J-hope will enlist on April 18.

It is expected that the group will reconvene in 2025.

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A new song will be released by BTS for the first time as a group

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BTS ready to drop music For Super Hero Movie

Superheroes constantly fight against pollution in Bastions. A screening will be held at 7:30 a.m. KST on May 14 on SBS. Recently, a teaser clip for the movie was released, showing off a snippet of the theme song and a glimpse into the movie.

It can be estimated that the song was recorded before Jin’s enlistment in the military in December 2022, considering the song features all seven group members.

As solo artists, the seven members have been busy carving out their careers, even preparing to enlist in the military. Later this month, J-hope will join to replace Jin, who enlisted first.

In July 2022, j-hope released his first solo album, Jack In The Box. The Astronaut was Jin’s debut solo album in October 2022, Indigo was RM’s debut album in December 2022, and Face was Jimin’s first hit debut. This list is completed by SUGA, whose album D-Day will be released on April 21.

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