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Why Sebastian Vettel Left Red Bull? More Answers To Be Revealed

Why Sebastian Vettel Left Red Bull

It was the surprise news that, in retrospect, makes perfect sense for all parties. Sebastian Vettel is leaving Red Bull, the company that gave a chance to a bright German karter 15 years ago. He’s almost surely headed to Ferrari, who, as one colleague commented, is likely to have paid enough money to buy a small island to win his signature. The move has upended the traditionally stable Formula One driver market, raising much more questions than it has answered.

Why Sebastian Vettel Left Red Bull?

The reason for Vettel’s exit will most likely be a combination of several things. Sure, Ferrari offered him $92 million to join them in Maranello. Still, he was reportedly in tears when he told the Red Bull team principal that he would leave the organization that helped him become a star. On Saturday, Vettel stated that he is not “running away” from Daniel Ricciardo, the young Australian who has led the title-winning German throughout 2014. However, it would be incorrect to claim that Ricciardo’s rise is unrelated to his departure. The 25-year-breakthrough old’s has changed the power dynamic at Red Bull. Whereas Vettel was previously their top man, he is now the driver who was instructed early this year to up his game, to bend and adapt to a car unsuitable for him rather than the other way around.

Is It Real That Sebastian Vettel Left Red Bull:

More importantly, for many years, Vettel has been bothered by the asterisk that some have placed next to his name in the record books. Some argue that he only won four championships because he was in the best car, the monkey in Rindt’s Lotus, for long-time F1 fans. Winning if/when Red Bull’s fortunes turn around will not change that impression more than bringing Ferrari back to the lead will. Although Vettel signed a contract extension with Red Bull through the end of 2015, it is thought that his poor performance in this year’s world championship triggered an exit clause that allowed him to go. On the one hand, a team wants him and has the funds to prove it; on the other, there is a squad that no longer requires him.

Sebastian Vettel was driven away by an inept Renault engine:

Sebastian Vettel was driven away by an inept Renault engine


Throughout his career, the Red Bull F1 team used Renault engines in the back of their vehicles. It established the benchmark for the V8 era and was critical to German success. That love affair, however, ended with the advent of the turbo-hybrid period. Renault’s powertrain was a disaster. To make matters worse, Mercedes nailed the V6 and triumphed over the rest of the field in 2014. Sensing Red Bull’s incompetence, he

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