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What Happened to Jason Myers? The Death of a Meteorologist Explained

Jason Myers die

WBTV meteorologist Jason Myers was one of two persons killed in the Tuesday crash, according to WBTV. Let’s look at how the meteorologist and pilot died and Jason Myers’ cause of death.

Who Was Jason Myers From WBTV?

According to his WBTV profile, Jason Myers was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, and grew up watching WBTV. He earned a BS in Meteorology with a Communication Concentration from North Carolina State University. Myers began his broadcast meteorology career with KRBC-TV in Abilene, Texas, and then moved on to WRIC-TV in Richmond, Virginia. Myers formerly worked as the chief meteorologist at WTVQ in Lexington, Kentucky, from 2013 until 2019.

What Happened To The Meteorologist and Pilot?

Authorities in North Carolina’s largest city have praised a Charlotte news station helicopter pilot as a hero after he fell away from a deadly roadway on Tuesday. Pilot Chip Tayag and meteorologist Jason Myers were declared dead by WBTV. The helicopter collision occurred on Interstate 77 in Charlotte’s Yorkmount neighbourhood, roughly six miles southwest of downtown. According to the authorities, no autos were involved in the event. Jason Myers, a former chief meteorologist for ABC 36, was one of 2 people killed in a helicopter crash in North Carolina on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, according to WBTV.

Myers joined ABC 36 in April 2013 and has been the station’s principal meteorologist for over six years. He was working as a meteorologist for WBTV. According to the death certificate, “The WBTV family has suffered a tragic loss. Our news helicopter, Sky3, crashed on Tuesday in the middle of the day, killing two of our colleagues. Jason Myers, a meteorologist, and pilot Chip Tayag were both murdered. We are attempting to assist their families at this difficult time. “We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers for our staff and their families,” WBTV said in a statement. According to Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department Chief Johnny Jennings, the helicopter pilot looked to have done everything possible to avoid colliding with automobiles on the road.

Jason Myers Died As A Result of The Following:

Myers and Sky3 pilot Chip Tayag were killed in a helicopter crash early on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. The collision occurred near Interstate 77 at midday at the Nations Ford Road exit in North Carolina, and Myers and Tayag were pronounced dead at the site. “I think he realised he was going to have to write that down,” the witness explained. “He made every effort to put it down. Whoever the pilot was, they tried their best to land that thing where it wouldn’t damage too many people, and they did an excellent job in that regard.” According to ABC 36’s General Manager, “our thoughts and prayers are with his family and beloved community.” It’s heartbreaking to learn about Jason Myers’ death. Jason worked as a meteorologist for our WTVQ – ABC 36 News crew for six years, and we loved every minute of it. “At this time of year, please keep the Myers family in your prayers and thoughts as we remember a guy taken far too soon,” ABC 36 General Manager Chris Aldridge said.

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