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Casey Coulton Died in What Manner? The Cause of Death of A Missing Aberdare Teenager

Casey Coulton die

An 18-year-old Aberdare man who had been missing since Sunday was discovered dead. Let’s look at Casey Coulton’s death and cause of death in further depth.

Casey Coulton Died in What Way?

Casey Coulton, 18, of Aberdare, who had been missing since Sunday morning, was discovered dead by police. Casey Coulton’s sister verified the news on Facebook with a poignant note that Casey had died.

Casey Coulton’s Cause of Death:

The cause of death for Casey Coulton has not yet been revealed. There is no information known regarding Casey Coulton’s death. Medico issues have attempted to contact the victim’s family and relatives for comment on the event. There have been no responses thus yet. We will update the page if we get adequate information.

Who Exactly is Casey Coulton?

18-year-old Casey Coulton lives in Aberdare. He went missing about noon on Saturday after a house party with friends. Casey was taken home by his sister, who preferred anonymity when he abruptly exited the vehicle and began sprinting through Cwmbach. She added that his friends and family were “very concerned” about his health at the time.

What Happened to Casey Coulton?

On Saturday, Casey Coulton and his buddies were at a house party when his phone looked to have died. He was being driven home by the father of a buddy, who stated that he was happy and singing along to the music. Then, at about midnight, he abruptly exited the automobile and began rushing toward Aberaman. On the day it happened, his pals observed him walking from Cwmbach to Aberaman, but he hasn’t been seen since. Police stated they couldn’t find his phone because it was turned off and either misplaced, tossed somewhere it couldn’t be found or taken from him. His friends looked for him in the Rhondda Valley.

 A Corpse Has Been Discovered:

According to authorities, a body has been discovered near a river. According to South Wales Police, a corpse was found along the Taff River in Abercynon at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday (November 22). There is no formal documentation. “A corpse was discovered along the River Taff in Abercynon at approximately 10.30 a.m. today,” said South Wales Police.

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