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Audi Ogbole James died in what way? Audi Ogbole James Car Accident Explained

Audi Ogbole James Died

Brigadier General Audi Ogbole James, the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre’s (NAFRC) head of finance, died on November 15, 2022. Let’s look at how Audi Ogbole James died and what caused his death.

Who is Audi Ogbole James?

Brigadier General was the Senior Executive Course (SEC) monitor-general at the NIPPS in Kuru, Plateau State. Until his death, James was the Nigerian Army Finance Corps chief. He possesses accounting bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA degrees and an MBA in Finance. James was a member of the National Institute of Management and a fellow of the ANAN and NIM. He also belongs to the Chartered Institute of Taxation (ACTI), the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), and the Nigerian Institute of Directors (NID) (MIoD). James was decorated with the Meritorious Service Star (MSS) and the Pass Staff College (PSC). His mother, wife, and three children make up James’ family.

Audi Ogbole James Died In What Manner?

On Tuesday, November 15, General Audi Ogbole James was involved in an accident. He eventually died as a result of his injuries. Abayomi Ebun, a soldier, is to blame for the mishap. Because he was inebriated, Ebun hit him with his automobile. The horrific tragedy occurred at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The General was on his way home to his barracks in Lagos. “The general was walking to his residence within the barracks when he was attacked and knocked down by the inebriated Nigerian soldier,” according to sources. The soldier, who resides in the same barracks as the senior officer, was witnessed driving erratically before colliding with him.

The Cause Of Death Of Audi Ogbole James

Audi Ogbole James died in a car accident. The senior officer was unfortunately involved in an accident and was hospitalised at the NAFRC Medical Center due to the incident. He was proclaimed dead as a result of his injuries. Sani Kukasheka, a retired brigadier-general and the publicity secretary of the NIPSS alum Institute (AANI), said the organisation paid their respects. 

Audi Ogbole James Death Declaration:

Kayode Olagunju, the SEC 40, NIPSS welfare officer, revealed General James’ death on Wednesday. “It’s unfortunate. We squandered an opportunity. “Our diligent, modest, and friendly bridge builder, Brig Gen Audu Ogbole James of the NIPSS, Kuru, has just left,” says the message. The army corporal was apprehended by police and is being detained by NAFRC provost marshals. The cops are looking into the event. The Nigerian army has yet to comment on the incident.

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