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Where is Drink Masters Winner Lauren Paylor Now?

Lauren Paylor

We all have binge-watched cooking shows, but what about a show that targets elegant drinks of taste? Drink Masters is the show for all those thirsty throats to enjoy the celebration of a wide variety of drinks, so next time, one can have excellent choices than just popping open coke bottles. The winner of Drink Masters is Lauren Paylor, wonder what she’s been up to? What did she do with the prize money that she won?

Who is Lauren Paylor?

Lauren Paylor

Lauren used to work as an R&D Production chef at a bar in Washington DC. According to sources, Lauren has spent much of her time in the kitchen and feels at home. Lauren has long worked in the bartending industry and won many awards for her talent. She is also a writer who has published her work in various publications. Lauren has been the spirits judge at TAG Global Spirits Awards and ASCOT awards. She has won the official Emmy Award for bartending. She is the winner of the Drink Masters and has been featured in magazines and other media platforms. She has also been featured in Wine Enthusiast’s 40 under 40 lists in 2021.

Where is Lauren Paylor now?

Lauren Paylor now
Currently, Lauren Paylor is in Baltimore, Washington DC, with more than 9400 followers on Instagram and a bio that defines her as a ‘no & low ABV Enthusiast.’ She is featured in media platforms like Forbes, Thirsty, Uproxx, and many more. She now operates and owns a company called ‘Focus on Health,’ which she established in 2020. Lauren Paylor has also received a job as a Social Media Coordinator at Speed Rack, but she quit in September 2022. She is currently a Committee Member for Racial Justice in Hospitality Fund at the Workers Community Foundation Restaurant. She married in August 2022 and changed her name from Lauren Paylor to Lauren O’Brien. The winner of Drink Master has our congratulations with all our hearts.

Lauren Paylor in Drink Masters:

Lauren Paylor in Drink Masters
Lauren managed to impress all the judges of the Drink Masters and received the title of the winner, but that does not indicate her journey to being a smooth one. Lauren faced suspicions from the judges in the first episode that she might be hiding her genuine talent, saving it for the last, and isn’t fully involved in the competition. Lauren’s determination towards the show soon subsided all the doubts the judges had against her. She made it to the end despite the pressure; she did not back out. She collected herself right from episode two and faced all the challenges. Meanwhile, she kept enhancing her skills and learning from the other contestants. Her perfection had the judges so impressed that the homegirl was directly transferred to the finale.

Lauren Paylor’s final drinks:

Lauren Paylor's final drinks
In the final episode, all three finalists were to make three unique drinks as a three-course meal companion. Lauren’s one drink was extra sweet, leaving a bitter aftertaste, while her two drinks were perfect. Lauren was then crowned the winner of the show.

Lauren Paylor’s favorite drinks:

Lauren Paylor's favorite drinks
Lauren is very popular for OLIPOP’s Ginger Lemon soda, Seedlip Spice, and Rhubarb Tea. The drink has thirst-quenching, and refreshing Grove Spritz attributes. Her booze-less drinks are time sippers, unlike boozy drinks, which pack a punch. The drink is served in a bulbed glass with the garnishing of orange wheels. Her second spirit-free beverage has bright and playful features, just like classic ice cream floats. The drink is built with OLIPOP’s Strawberry Vanilla soda and the lime ring of Jeni’s Strawberry ice cream. The drink tastes cool and is a sweet tooth treat. The drink is served in a hurricane glass and garnished with Maraschino cherries.

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