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Where is Drink Masters Finalist Kate Gerwin Now?

Kate Gerwin

Drink Masters is a show for all drink lovers and all those who adore making magic potions, as the show is about winemaking with class and taste. The show is for the mixologist who has a burning passion for a refined taste of wine. Kate Gerwin was the finalist of Drink Masters, but her identity was defined by far more of her success. Let’s get to know what makes her so unique:

Kate Gerwin’s educational accomplishments in the winemaking:

Kate Gerwin's educational accomplishments
Kate Gerwin was born in the core of wine lovers, California. Her very birthplace is like a message of her remarkable career in the bartending industry. She had studied the art of winemaking and worked for popular wine industries like Flora Springs Winery, Quivera Vineyards, Chalk Hill Winery, and Helen Turley & Associates. Kate is a professional wine waiter from the International Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Specialist in Wine at the Society of Wine Educators. To add to her list of accomplishments, she is a Barmarts Certified and one among the few to hold an Expert Diplome des Vins de Bordeaux to be awarded by the Conseil Interprofessional du Vin de Bordeaux.

Kate Gerwin is not just a bartender:

Kate Gerwin's as bartender
Kate has a variety of accomplishments, among which her being a curriculum author and instructor at two most prestigious culinary academies, Le Cordon Bleu’s Scottsdale Culinary Institute and New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. Kate owns and operates New Mexico’s most refined fine dining/craft cocktail bar. This led to Kate being voted the ‘Best Sommelier in Albuquerque’ by the Local IQ Magazine readers for the award of Smart List. Kate won this award not just once but for the next three consecutive years in 2010, 2011, and 2012, along with winning Best Bartender in 2010 and 2012. Our girl was also voted for the ‘Best Wine Steward’ by the readers of Alibi for the award of ‘Best of Burque Awards.’

Kate Gerwin in Drink Masters:

Kate Gerwin Drink Master
Kate Gerwin and her passion for wine created a big name in the winemaking industry. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to learn more about wines and become better led her to her journey to the Drink Masters. She expressed joy in competing with expert mixologists from New York and Washington, DC, on the show. It was her dream coming alive as she came from a place of less potential. The journey, however, was not so easy as the challenges had her confused, and in Episode 4, Kate wished to give up and leave. She had to collect herself and remain focused, although the pressure was enormous.

Kate Gerwin now:

Kate Gerwin now
Kate Gerwin was continuing her career as a bartender and established the Imbibe Cigar Bar in her hometown Albuquerque which is now closed down. Kate designed and managed Front and Cooper, a successful bar in Santa Cruz, California, from2017 to 2020. Currently, Kate operates Happy Accidents Bar based in New Mexico. She teaches at the Bar 5 Day program, which won an award in 2022called Albuquerque Journal Reader’s Choice award and the Best New U.S. Bar award, which she won twice. Kate has been featured in magazines published in the Dame Hall of Fame and listed as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential Figures in the World’ titled by Drinks International. Despite all the success, Kate is adamant about staying a bartender.

Kate Gerwin’s top favorite recipes:

Kate Gerwin favorite recipe
Maxine ranks at the top as we sip on fermented beverages or straight spirits, and Maxine’s has both the environment and unique cocktails. Bitter and twisted is the next most talked about. It has an excellent and delicious cocktail mix which Kate describes as a menu of a fairy tale book. Harlem Hops is for beer lovers and good vibes seekers, a craft beer that opened in 2018. Highland Cigar Co is a craft cocktail with a distinct spirits selection and a delicacy for people enjoying a conversation on a leather couch or an enthusiastic game on TV.

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