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Know the fact about Delphi Murder | Arrested done in Delphi murder case

Delphi Murder

Delphi murders became a trending topic in everyone’s words. The murder took place back on February 13th 2017. There were two bodies found whose name was Abigail Williams and Liberty German. This was in Delphi, Indiana, in the United States. 

Everyone in the United States became numbed when two girls were missing on the previous day from the same trail. This news came into coverage when a tape recording was found that was believed to be the voice of the murderer. When the police officers recognized the voice, they even arrested Richard Allen, and he even appeared in court. So in this article, you will get lots of information about how the murder took place and their investigation.

How did the murder happen?

It was not clear to the police how the murder happened. But according to different news sources, on February 13th 2017, the two girls were dropped off by German’s older sister. The two girls were hiking on Hoosier Heartland Highway. On that day at 2 pm, Liberty even posted a photo with Abigail on her Social media. But after this post, they were missing because there were no posts from the girls. After that, their family members searched for them because they were reporting to the police. The next day their bodies were found 0.5 miles away from the hiking place.

How did the investigation take place?

After this incident took place on February 15th 2017. The United States police circulated the image of a person who was suspected as a murderer. This is because a video was released stating that the photographed person was seen going towards the girls. After a few days, he was alleged to be a prime suspect in the double homicide Delphi murder case.

After that, a recording tape was found about the man who brutally murdered them on a German smartphone. She was further regarded as the hero who had the sense of secretly recording the voice of the murderer.

Arrested done in Delphi murder case:

Delphi murder case became one of the high profile and unsolved cases in Indiana. There were numerous arrests in this case. The first arrest was the person whose recordings and video was found on German’s smartphone. The second arrest was done by Kegan Kline, who did the 30 child pornography and charged the. 

Kegan Kline was the last person who made calls to German before the girls disappeared. The man seen in the recordings from German’s phone was not the murderer. Till now, no police sources have even released the real name of the man who did the murder.

Will the police reveal the name of the person?

According to Indiana Police, it has been noted that Allen, who was arrested at first, was under custody. This is because he was the prime suspect in the murder. There was a press conference held on Monday regarding the double Delphi murder. 

Apart from this, they didn’t reveal anything. The case has been pending for 5 years now; the main person didn’t get into custody. You may hope the main culprit will be punished for murdering Abby and Libby. 

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