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‘The Good Nurse’ Ending Explained: Everything About Charles Cullen

‘The Good Nurse' Ending Explained

The Good Nurse, Netflix’s latest release about another serial killer, is out today. The picture, which has received positive reviews, stars Academy Award nominees Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne as Amy Loughren and Charles Cullen, respectively. We recommend this one if you’re seeking a terrifying thriller just in time for Halloween. Given that it is based on historical events, the plot is frightening, and the acting is excellent. Amy, a nurse and single mother residing in New Jersey, is the new film’s protagonist.

The plotline of The Good Nurse:

Amy, a passionate and hardworking nurse, understands how to make her patients feel at ease to assist them in recovering. She cannot take paid leave because she has yet to complete her first year at the hospital. When a new coworker named Charles ‘Charlie’ Cullen joins her, the night shifts, which had been a tremendous burden on her, begin to ease. He, like Amy, is sympathetic, and they both click right away. When one of Amy’s patients dies unexpectedly during the shift change, everything goes wrong. The hospital conducts an internal investigation for seven weeks before calling the cops.

Do the detectives discover evidence against Charlie?

Amy informs the detectives that Charlie injects insulin into the saline bags before they leave the storage room. The detectives also debate whether there is a possibility that digoxin is present. Amy examines the hospital reports the detectives got and discovers they are incomplete. She offers to retrieve Charlie’s PYXIS report to prove that he is responsible for these killings. Although the first patient was cremated, she tells the detectives about the second patient who died due to insulin. They recovered the patient’s body, and PYXIS data show that Charlie did add insulin and digoxin. The detectives’ only issue is that the report shows cancellations rather than withdrawals.

Amy persuades Charlie to disclose the truth in what way?

Charlie remains close to Amy after his dismissal. On the other hand, she cooperates with investigators and decides to participate in an operation with them. They arrange for her to meet with Charlie and interview him about his firing and the murders at the hospital. She uses the emotional bond they’ve developed over the months to push him too far. He eventually reacts furiously and dodges the topic of walking away. Later, the detectives apprehend him, and Amy has another chance to speak with him in the interrogation chamber. He doesn’t confess in front of the cops, but when Amy comes to comfort him, he opens out. Amy treats him as if he is a friend, not a criminal.

What happens to Charlie and Amy?

Charlie has been apprehended for his crimes. He avoids the death penalty by admitting to the murder of 29 people. The actual number of victims killed by Charlie is thought to be as high as 400. Charlie never stated why he committed these murders. He is serving 18 consecutive life at New Jersey Prison and will not be eligible for parole until the year 2403. He worked as a nurse for 16 years, and the hospitals he worked at were aware of his activities but did nothing to stop him.
Furthermore, no criminal charges have ever been filed against these hospitals. Amy received the necessary heart surgery. She now resides in Florida with her daughters and grandchildren and works as a nurse.

In The Good Nurse, does Charles Cullen be caught?

Charles is apprehended in The Good Nurse, just as he was in real life. After the detectives fail, Amy can get a confession from the serial killer at the film’s end. She enters the interrogation room where he is being detained and forces him to speak. He enumerates the names of patients he has slain at Parkfield and other hospitals. When Amy questions him about why he did it, his response is simple: “They didn’t stop me.” He currently serves numerous life terms at Trenton’s New Jersey State Prison.

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