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The back story of Ahsoka Tame The Tiger

The episode star wars show the storyline of the history of Ahsoka. The episode shows that Ahsoka was taken away from her mother but managed to return to her mother. How did she manage to do that? Let’s find out. 

How did Ahsoka escape the tiger?

According to the story, Ahsoka and her mother went to the forest to hunt, but they didn’t know that the tiger was following. At the same time, her mother hunted a deer. The tiger attacked the mother, and the mother fought bravely until rescuers came and chased the tiger away, but the tiger took Ashoka to his labor. 

When the tiger was about to eat her, Ahsoka, who was just a baby, reached out her hand, and suddenly the tiger somewhat stopped what he was doing and brought her back safely to one piece. 

When villagers discovered what had happened, they realized she was a Jedi, and Ahsoka managed to escape using a force called beast control of animal kinship. Moreover, they realized that she was exceptionally God-gifted since she could use force at a very young age. 

What is Beast control?

Beats control is the ability to force users, which allows them to connect to the animal mentally and emotionally and allows them to control the animal. This ability is common TK Jedi to control animals, but Ahsoka did it when she was young and proved exceptional. This ability has helped Ahsoka to escape from the tiger. 

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano was a character first introduced in Star wars: The Clone Wars in 2008. Ahsoka Tano is a Togruto women.She was born in a close-knit family and was a massive event in the village. At a young age was discovered as a Jedi when she was kidnapped by the tiger but was able to come back in one piece. 

It was later discovered that she used beast to control. At 14, she was granted the rank of Padawan by Jedi master Yoda. And she was assigned an apprentice under Anakin, whom she developed a relationship with over time. The relationship had ups and downs since Anakin was reckless, but the master and apprentice worked it out in the end. They even rescued the son of the crime lord Rotta. 

During her first command position, she displayed her leadership and lost her squadron due to her ad division. But she soon matured to be a great leader that she even sacrificed her life but was brought back to life, But her life became upside down when she was framed as a suspect for bombing the Jedi temple and was stripped of her status as a Jedi. 

But when finally she was proven innocent by Ahsoka by Anakin, she declined the offer and chose another path in life and became a force-sensitive outcast.

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