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Are Stacia and Nate still Married? Does the Couple End Up together?

Are Stacia and Nate still Married

Stacia and Nate entered ‘Married At First Sight’ to find the appropriate companion, and relationship experts thought the two would make a fantastic marriage immediately. Nate sought someone to be cognitively, spiritually, and physically attracted to, whereas Stacia was looking for a man who met her high criteria. The gist was that they both wanted a spouse with whom they could form the perfect power pair. Intimacy has never been an issue in this relationship, and they have remained remarkably steady.

Meet Stacia and Nate from ‘Married at First Sight Season 15:

Stacia and Nate both joined the MAFS cast for very different reasons, but they eventually share the same ambition. Stacia is looking for a man who fulfills her “high standards,”. In contrast, Nate is “looking forward” to finding a lifelong travel companion, someone he is “mentally, spiritually, and physically attracted to.” “I refuse to settle,” she told InTouch Weekly. I’d rather be single than pretend to be in a relationship.” “The most crucial thing I was searching for was trust; I want to know that I can completely rely on my spouse with everything.” Stacia stated, “He is a secure place for me to land, to be vulnerable, and to trust his intentions.”

Stacia and Nate Love:

They seemed drawn to one other on their wedding day. Unfortunately, the two have encountered some difficulties. Stacia and Nate met numerous problems as the episodes progressed. On the other hand, Nate seemed to want to take his time getting there. When his wife asked him where they stood on the love scale, Nate replied, “a four out of ten,” much to her surprise. It appears that the two are moving at different speeds. So, will these two say yes to staying together when the show finishes, or will they part ways on Decision Day? Here’s what we know so far.

Nate and Stacia, are they still together?

Nate and Stacia have certainly had their share of ups and downs. The couple took time apart in the newest episode of ‘Married At First Sight’ to reflect on their relationship. The question of Nate moving into Stacia’s residence came up when Stacia and Nate discussed their marriage with their loved ones. Nate expected the move to make him feel like he was living in Stacia’s house rather than as part of a shared experience. Nate and Stacia’s dinner date heated up later when the couple met for one more solo date.

The Issue Between Nate and Stacia:

In response, Stacia stated that she has been open about her flaws. She also expressed concern about whether he would continue to love her over time, which Nate took offense to. According to him, his feelings for her are rising, but Stacia is too impatient. Nate eventually walked away from Stacia as a result of the disagreement. While Stacia has stated that she has no regrets regarding her relationship, Nate has indicated that he appreciates their friendship. However, when it comes to arguments, it is clear that the pair reconcile their differences. Even when it comes to love and feelings, one moves at a breakneck pace, while the other likes a more leisurely pace.

Will Nate and Stacia resolve their differences and opt to be together?

Though Nate and Stacia might not always agree on everything, the pair has made various accommodations for one another in the past. Throughout the season, the couple has opened up to one another in multiple ways. So it’s hardly surprising that the pair have decided to stay together. Stacia and Nate are the first guests on the sofa to speak with experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson about Decision Day. While Stacia is concerned about Nate’s ability to love her, he is frustrated by the prospect of continuously having to prove himself in their relationship. Despite these fears and a long list of issues Stacia has with Nate, they both decide to stay married, which makes the experts happy.

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