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“Will and Grace” Star Leslie Jordan Died at 67

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan, the actor, comedian, and musician best known in “Will & Grace” and his uplifting pandemic Instagram videos, was killed in a car accident in Hollywood on Monday. Jordan, 67, was nominated for an Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal of the snide Beverley Leslie on the hit TV show “Will & Grace.” Many of his co-stars paid tribute to him on social media on Monday. Jordan was driving his car when he crashed at Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Lizeth Lomeli. The veteran actor and writer were pronounced dead at the scene.

Who is Leslie Jordan?

Who is Leslie Jordan


Leslie Jordan is a well-known American author, singer, and actor for his songs and dwarfism. He was born in 1955 and died in California on October 24, 2022. You can read Leslie Jordan’s Biography in this post to learn more about his life journey. He appeared on popular shows such as “Will and Grace,” and people admired him immensely due to his dwarfism. Leslie Jordan died due to a car accident on October 24, 2022, when his car collided with a building on Cahuenga Boulevard. Leslie Jordan has a net worth of more than $3.5 million and millions of fans worldwide.

Leslie Jordan Died At 67:

The cause of Jordan’s death was not immediately clear, but the condition of the vehicle suggested Jordan may have lost control before slamming into the building, according to a law enforcement source. Black skid marks from Cahuenga Boulevard led onto the sidewalk where Jordan’s BMW hit the building, denting its metal facade. The BMW had been replaced by a bouquet of lilies and chrysanthemums and a handwritten note on lined paper that said, “Thank you for being a light in this world!” You will be sorely missed. RIP!” Several people came to the site to take photos and stare solemnly at the makeshift memorial.

Early Life of Leslie Jordan:

Jordan was born in 1955 in Tennessee and grew up there. He received his diploma from Brainerd High School. Jordan stated that his mother, Peggy Ann Jordan, was kind and supportive despite never wholly understanding him. Jordan’s father, was a major in the US Army Reserve who died, on March 31, 1967, in a civilian Beechcraft Debonair plane accident at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, when Jordan was 11 years old. Jordan stated in a 2014 interview that growing up at Southern Baptist was traumatic for him. “14 times I was baptized Whenever the pastor said, ‘Come forward, sinners!’ ‘Oh, I was out in the woods with that boy; I should go forward,’ I’d remark.”

The career of Leslie Jordan:

The career of Leslie Jordan


Jordan began his career as Malone in The Fall Guy’s adventure series in 1986. He rapidly became known in the industry for his small stature and Southern drawl. In the film The Help, he played newspaper editor Mr. Blackly. Jordan appeared on the premiere episode of Laugh Out, the world’s first interactive homosexual comedy show. He was the second Big Brother houseguest to leave. Jordan appeared as Buck A. Roo in two episodes of the British sitcom Benidorm in January 2015.

As Jordan’s death was confirmed on Monday, tributes began to stream in. Sean Hayes, Jordan’s Will & Grace co-star, tweeted: “My heart is devastated.” Leslie Jordan was one of the most amusing people I’ve ever worked with. Everyone who met him adored him. A one-of-a-kind talent with a huge, compassionate heart. My dear friend, you will be missed.” “I am stunned by the loss of Leslie Jordan, who charmed us with his many appearances on television and film,” tweeted actor George Takei. “We are heartbroken at your death, Leslie, and will miss your wit and distinctive charm.” While paying tribute to his pandemic films, Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter also spoke to his “wonderful soul.”

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