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How Drew Cockton Died? Dragon Dens Star is No More

Drew Cockton Died

Drew Cockton, 36, died after appearing on Dragons’ Den to collect financing for his scented candle firm. According to his mother, the successful entrepreneur died quietly at home. Let’s take a closer look at how Dragons’ Den star Drew Cockton died and his cause of death. Touker Suleyman, a Dragon investor, handed the LGBTQ+ business owner £50,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in Owen Drew, situated in Wirral.

Drew Cockton: Who is he?

Drew Peter George Cockton is a wealthy businessman. Owen Drew, a Merseyside entrepreneur, secured funding for his vegan candle and fragrance business on the popular BBC business program. He won the tournament after Dragon Touker Suleyman invested £50,000 in his company barely a year ago. Mr. Cockton began his presentation to the Dragons by explaining how, at the age of 22, he founded a hotel on Manchester’s Canal Street after leaving his position in finance “against all advice from my family” after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He admitted, “I was utterly inexperienced.” I worked so hard that I became pretty ill and broke down. Despite what he saw as a failure, he launched his own candle company on social media.

How Drew Cockton Died?

Drew Cockton is the winner of the BBC’s Dragon Den, a British reality television business program. Drew Cockton’s death follows the death of another Dragon Den cast member, Hilary Devey, in June at age 65. Her agency reported that Hilary died while traveling in Morocco following a long battle with her health. Drew Cockton, the Dragon Den winner, died suddenly after a night out at 36. Drew’s mother stated that her son died calmly at home. His medical history is currently unclear. Thus, it is unknown whether he died due to health issues.

What is the Reason for Drew Cockton Death?

Drew Cockton died quietly at home on October 22, 2022, at 36. He is supposed to have died unexpectedly after a night out. His mother confirmed that he passed away quietly at home. In his earlier years, he struggled with bipolar disorder and depression. He did, however, recover well. Ryan Gunn, his partner, shared a photo with Cockton, and Gunn’s followers and fans paid respect to Cockton in the comments.

Personal Life of Drew Cockton:

When I was 23 and fresh out of college, I opened a 13-bedroom hotel on Manchester’s Canal Street in the homosexual area. It was a hugely idealistic enterprise. I loved working 14 to 15 hours daily, but I was too young and inexperienced for the position. After six months of this, my body began to sag, I sank into the worst melancholy I had ever known, and I even considered suicide at times. After nine months, the company filed for bankruptcy, and the bailiffs arrived. My mother drove me to our doctor because she was concerned. Before my diagnosis, I had always connected the disease with adverse outcomes.

Successful Career of Drew Cockton:

Drew established his own business of creating and selling candles online after experiencing a massive failure. He became a successful entrepreneur as a result of his candle business. Drew stated that Owen Drew Candles, which employs ten people in Merseyside, is expanding. Six months later, my business partner Mike joined me, and our candles are now sold in over 30 locations around the country and sent worldwide. We won the best start-up company award at the London Small Awards, and Vogue magazine described our candles as “just lovely!” Paris Hilton is officially one of our followers. The first candle I made was “White Linen & English Lavender,” which contains lavender essential oil, which I’ve always liked for its relaxing qualities and the way it helps people get the quality sleep that is so important for mental health. For each candle sold, we donate to the mental health charity Mind.

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