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The deputy leader of the Nationalist party, Robert Arrigo, died due to cancer.

Robert Arrigo

The deputy leader of the Nationalist party, Robert Arrigo, died due to cancer. The death of Robert Arrigo has left the nation in grief, and the state begins to prepare for events to pay respect to the responsible and loyal Nationalist deputy leader, Robert Arrigo. What exactly happened? When did he die? When is the funeral being held? How is his family doing? Let’s find out:

Who was Robert Arrigo?

Robert Arrigo (1)

Robert Arrigo was a politician who worked as a member of the House of Representatives of Malta for the Nationalist Party from 2003 until his last breath in 2022. He became a deputy leader for party affairs of the Nationalist Party between 2017 and 2022. Robert was a business tycoon in Malta, a former Mayor of Sliema, and the chairman of Sliema Wanderers F.C.
Born on December 4, 1954, he received his education through Stella Maris College, Balzan, St.Aloysius College, Birkirkara, and the University of Malta, Msida. Arrigo has also been the vice president of the Neptunes Waterpolo club. Arrigo’s business sense led him to create a tourism company called ‘Robert Arrigo and Sons Ltd..’

When did Robert Arrigo die?

Robert Arrigo death
Robert Arrigo, the politician, and businessman died at 67 on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. He struggled to win against cancer after being aware of the disease around May 2022. Arrigo underwent chemotherapy and took all the additional required treatments, but his condition worsened.
Before his death, Arrigo declared a charity event for all the cancer patients in Cancer NGO Puttinu Cares, which was set for December this year. We all hoped to see him host the event, but unfortunately, he died before he could attend. The event is not canceled; it will be held as a memorial of Robert Arrigo this December.

Robert Arrigo’s final speech:

Robert Arrigo last speech
Former deputy leader of the Nationalist Party, Robert Arrigo, gave a damning speech in July 2022, which mentions him being ‘deeply hurt .’The speech was removed in Saturday’s general council from the party’s on-demand online media service. According to Arrigo, this kind of treatment shows that the party is united, as the P.N. leader Bernard Grech claims. In the speech, Arrigo mentioned that he was hurt because he was unaware of why he was sidelined. He was barred from participating in many of the party’s campaign events. NET Television’s On Demand service divided Saturday’s broadcast into two, which left out Arrigo’s speech. The P.N. media blames the technical glitch to be the cause of the removal.

Robert Arrigo Tribute:

Robert Arrigo tribute
Tribute for Robert Arrigo followed as soon as the news of his death was revealed. Lots of renowned personalities have sent condolences and prayers for his afterlife. Party leader Bernard Grech expressed that Robert will be remembered for his valuable work, his loyalty to the party, and above all, for the love he had for his nation. Despite his near-death condition, he also revealed their meeting several days before his death.

Robert Arrigo and his family:

Robert Arrigo and his family
Robert Arrigo is survived by his wife, Mary Arrigo, and his two sons, Alan Arrigo and Andrew Arrigo. Alan Arrigo is the co-Chief Executive officer of Robert Arrigo and sons. Robert Arrigo was the semi-retired CEO, but following his death, the company’s next head seems to be Alan Arrigo. So far, the family has provided no information regarding Robert Arrigo’s funeral ceremony. The Arrigo family is going through a very difficult phase of life at the moment. The family has our deepest condolence, and we hope Robert’s soul may rest in peace.

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