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Turnovers From The Hightower Storyline, After House of the Dragon Episode 9

House of the Dragon Episode 9

In the epic tradition of Game of Thrones, HBO’s House of the Dragon delivered several big game-changers in the season’s last episode. The Hightower contingent at court taking the Iron Throne for Aegon, with only Alicent genuinely believing that it was what Viserys desired, is a guaranteed step toward civil war. Even without Rhaenyra and Daemon, the episode pitted the Greens against the princess’ followers, and there are several vital things to remember for the finale. So, in the aftermath of the highly unqualified Aegon being named King Aegon.

The Small Council was already plotting:

The Small Council was already plotting


Alicent was mistaken if she thought she’d have difficulty convincing the council that Viserys had changed his ideas so that Aegon could take the Iron Throne. Except for Lord Beesbury and Alicent, the entire committee had previously planned to seize the kingdom for Aegon, including the murder of Rhaenyra and her family. After Beesbury was assassinated for speaking out about their betrayal, Alicent found herself without supporters willing to speak out.

Alicent does not want Rhaenyra to be destroyed:

Alicent does not want Rhaenyra to be destroyed


Although Otto stated that bending the knee to Aegon would provide Rhaenyra and her family with safety, the dominant feeling on the council was that Rhaenyra was to the point where Otto directed Ser Harrold Westerling to travel to Dragonstone and take care of it. The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard declined, and Alicent never changed her mind, knowing that Viserys would not want Rhaenyra assassinated even if he changed his mind about her as heir.

Aemond Wishes to be a King:

Aemond Wishes to be a King


Aemond told Ser Criston in Episode 9 that he felt he should be king over his older brother because of his studies in history, philosophy, and swordplay, as well as his claim to the world’s most enormous dragon. Given that almost no one likes Aegon – except for Alicent and the folk who doesn’t know him well enough to dislike him – it’s possible that many people would gladly swap Aemond for Aegon. Aemond appears to be the Greens’ version of Daemon, but he lacks Daemon’s redeeming quality of genuine family loyalty.

Characters must already choose sides:

Characters must already choose sides


Even though the Greens had a plan to transfer power from Viserys to Aegon, they were not without opposition. Many people demonstrated their unwavering loyalty to the heir they had sworn oaths two decades before. Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk, despite being Kingsguard knights, ended up on opposing sides, with Erryk assisting Rhaenys in his escape and likely joining Rhaenyra’s side. Blood has already been spilled, and Rhaenyra’s side is unaware that the fight has begun.

Rhaenys Couldn’t End The War:

Rhaenys Couldn't End The War


Rhaenys had the misfortune of still being in King’s Landing when the quiet coup took place, and she was locked in her room until Alicent arrived to persuade her to declare House Velaryon for Aegon. Rhaenys, on the other hand, resisted until Ser Erryk came to free her. She used the coronation as a distraction to get to the Dragonpit, free Meleys, and disrupt the ceremony at the Sept of Baelor. She could have ended the fight by roasting the Greens, but after a confrontation with Alicent, she flew away from King’s Landing. She’s most likely on her way to Dragonstone, which means Rhaenyra and Daemon won’t be oblivious to the fact that the Greens have crowned Aegon for much longer.

House of the Dragons Episode 9 established that Alicent had no notion that what she heard was a piece of a more extraordinary prophecy; Rhaenyra may want to send the information forward now that Viserys is dead the Greens wish to her head. Aegon the Elder also possesses the dagger bearing the message. The finale of House of the Dragon will air on HBO and streaming with an HBO Max subscription on Sunday, October 23, at 9 p.m. ET. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule for some viewing options in the not-too-distant future.

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