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3 Best Stocks To Buy and Watch This Monday Morning

Stock Market
Stocks to buy this Monday morning. (Photo: CNBC)

It’s Monday and the U.S. stocks just opened a while ago, there are stocks in the market that you should buy and watch this Monday morning.

The U.S. stock market just opened and investors are now seeing some corrections. But you have to be careful because you might get sucked into a bear market trap.

This is also a good time to consider taking a profit. Don’t be too greedy, just make sure that you set a limit on when you will take a profit. Also, be reminded when to know and determine that a stock is worth buying.

Stock Market

Stocks to buy this Monday morning. (Photo: CNBC)

In a published article on the website of Investor’s Business Daily, here are the 3 best stocks to buy and watch this morning:

Eli Lilly Stock

It currently holds an EPS Rating of 85 out of 99. Even though not seems so significant but considering the market climate today, it is currently forming a flat base with an ideal buy point of 335.43. Additionally, it made small gains last week and this has also a high upside potential.

Neurocrine Biosciences Stock

It has an EPS Rating of 81 out of 99, but it is in the Top 7% of stocks tracked in terms of price performance over the past 12 months. Meanwhile, NBIX has a strong Composite Rating of 97 which means that it has a good all-around performance in the market. The company recently scrapped a high-profile treatment for essential tremor. Typically, a move like that would tank a biotech stock.

Wolfspeed Stock

This is one of the stocks to buy and watch because even if it fell at around 8%, there are signs that the stock can recover soon. Analysts predict that it might have its peak this November if it can regain its momentum. Consider also its strong earnings during the Quarter 2 report.