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Drug Charges Filed Against Man Following York County Traffic Stop.

A man was captured Tuesday night after a traffic stop on George Washington Commemoration Roadway. As per authorities, Delegate Sheriff Joshua Epperson started a traffic stop in the 4500 block of George Washington Dedication Thruway around 8 p.m. During the stop, Representative Epperson noticed that the driver of the vehicle, 37-year-old Nicolas Henry Diesel-Reynolds, didn’t have a legitimate Virginia permit. Diesel-Reynolds recently had his permit renounced for driving impaired convictions, the sheriff’s office said.

Diesel-Reynolds was captured after unlawful opiates were tracked down inside the vehicle. He was accused of the following:

• Ownership with goal of appropriating heroin
• Two counts of unlawful ownership of a controlled substance
• fourth offense of driving affected by drugs
• Driving on a renounced administrator’s permit
• Disguised weapon
• Ownership of medication stuff
Diesel-Reynolds is at present being held at the Virginia Promontory Provincial Prison.