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Miami Beach Incident: Rapper Tommie Lee Taken Into Custody Outside Club LIV.

An unscripted television character and rap craftsman was captured early Monday morning outside a club in Miami Ocean side. Police captured 39-year-old Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, also called Tommie Lee, at roughly 2:20 a.m. outside Club LIV, situated at 4441 Collins Rd. As per police, officials showed up to find Jefferson being held with her arms despite her good faith by the casualty in the episode.

And It Went Like:

The casualty let police know that Jefferson, who he didn’t have any idea, moved toward him unexpectedly “in an extremely closeness” and attempted to put something in his grasp, as per a capture report. Police said the casualty didn’t take the thing and attempted to disregard Jefferson, who supposedly became disturbed and jabbed the casualty in the face. It was after that actual contact that the casualty got Jefferson’s arms and held them despite her good faith until police could show up, per a capture structure.During their examination, police said they saw observation film that showed the episode, which substantiated the casualty’s record of what occurred. Jefferson, who recently showed up on “Adoration and Hip Bounce: Atlanta,” was captured on a battery charge and brought to prison without occurrence.