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What Happened to Faye Tozer? What Illness Does Faye Tozer Have?

During her appearance on Monday’s Loose Women, Faye Tozer broke down and talked about how losing her mother to cancer had left “a real void” in her life.

In 2019, Dorothy, the Steps singer’s emotional mother, received a breast cancer diagnosis. Subsequently, she learned she also had lung cancer.

What Illness Does Faye Tozer Have? 

Steps singer Faye Tozer has talked candidly about the lasting effects of her mother Dorothy’s illness. Faye spoke candidly about the emotional gap her mother’s death—whom she referred to as a “lioness”—left in her life during an event. In 2019, Dorothy battled breast cancer and then lung cancer. Faye talked on the hardship of not having her mother’s advice and criticism, which was crucial to her professional success. Dorothy sadly passed away in September of the year before. 

On Instagram, Faye paid tribute, highlighting the inspiration her mother gave her as well as her fighting spirit. Dorothy’s cancer experience included CyberKnife therapy, surgeries, and a 2020 diagnosis. 

Who is Faye Tozer?

Faye Tozer is a multifaceted English artist recognized for her work as a singer, dancer, and actress. She was born on November 14, 1975. Faye is best known as a member of the hugely successful British musical group Steps, and she has played an important role in the band’s success. Her career encompasses not just vocal performances but also her abilities as a dancer and actress, demonstrating a varied variety of capabilities. 

Faye’s career in show business has made her a well-known personality in British pop culture, and her contributions to Steps have left an enduring impression on the music landscape. Faye has moved into numerous elements of the arts in addition to her musical activities, reflecting her vibrant and versatile presence in the world of entertainment.