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The Boy and the Heron: A Heartwarming Tale for All Ages – Release Date Revealed!

Hayao Miyazaki is returning to theatres with “The Boy and the Heron.” Let’s take a look at everything we are aware of about this well-known director’s upcoming film.

Miyazaki’s career began at Toei Animations and A-Pro. In 1979, he produced his first major motion picture, “The Castle of Cagliostro.” Following that, he assisted in the formation of Studio Ghibli.

Miyazaki created numerous great films with Studio Ghibli and established himself as one of the best artists of all time.

His film “Spirited Away” was the most popular in Japan and received the Academy Award for Best Cartoon Feature. Both “Howl’s The Castle” and “The Sun Rises” received Academy Award nominations.
Miyazaki announced his retirement from filmmaking in 2013, but he returned to direct “The Boy and the Heron,” his 12th film.

Release Date for The Kid and the Egret

The Boy and the Bird debuted in October at the British Film Festival in London and arrived worldwide on July 14. However, it will not be available in the US until December 8, and it will not be available in the rest of the world until December 26.

The premiere of Ghibli’s latest film just before the Oscars in March couldn’t be more perfect. Even though 2023 was a tough year for animated films because of blockbusters such as Spider-Man: Into the Universe and Super Mario Bros., the internationally recognized artist’s work is sure to generate buzz.

Trailer for The Child and the Heron

GKIDS Films published the first trailer on the sixth of September. The first teaser trailer for “The Boy and the Heron” does not show all. While we get brief glimpses of diverse scenes, eerie music plays.

We see a heron and follow the main character as he explores another odd, magical realm similar to those in Miyazaki’s films. There’s also a new Studio Ghibli creature that will undoubtedly enchant us.

Plot of the Kid and the Heron

According to the GKIDS website, “a young boy called Mahito longing for his mom ventures into a universe shared by those who live and the dead.” This is the story of Miyazaki’s movie. The circle of death ends there, and the process of life starts again.

The film is also described as a semi-autobiographical dream about mortality, life, and creation, as well as a tribute to friendship.

Cast of The Kid and The Egret

The following actors appear in the Japanese dub of the film:

  • Mahito Maki is played by Soma Santoki.
  • Masaki Suda in the role of The Grey Heron
  • Karen Takizawa in the role of Mother #4
  • Shoichi Maki is played by Takuya Kimura.
  • Shohei Hino in the role of Great-Uncle
  • Kaoru Kobayashi in the role of the Dying Pelican
  • Natsuko is played by Yoshino Kimura.
  • Kiriko is played by Ko Shibasaki.
  • Shinobu Otake in the role of Mother #5
  • Kenji Takeshita as Mother Number One
  • Sawako Agawa in the role of Mother #3
  • The Parakeet King is played by Jun Kunimura.
  • Mother No. 2 is played by Jun Fubuki.
  • Himi is played by Aimyon.

A number of actors feature in the film’s Japanese dub:

  • Soma Santoki plays Mahito Maki.
  • Masaki Suda plays The Grey Heron.
  • Mother #4 is played by Karen Takizawa.
  • Takuya Kimura plays Shoichi Maki.
  • Shohei Hino portrays Great-Uncle
  • Kaoru Kobayashi plays the Dying Pelican.
  • Yoshino Kimura plays Natsuko.
  • Ko Shibasaki portrays Kiriko.
  • Mother #5 played by Shinobu Otake
  • Kenji Takeshita is the number one mother.
  • Mother #3 is portrayed by Sawako Agawa.
  • Jun Kunimura plays the Parakeet King.
  • Jun Fubuki plays Mother No. 2.
  • Aimyon portrays Himi.