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James Haven’s Relationship Status: Marriage Rumors and the Latest Update on His Girlfriend in 2023

On May 11, 1973, James Hope Voight arrived in California. Jon Voight and Marcheline Benoit are his parents, and he also had a younger sister called actress Angelina Jolie. They’re a close-knit group.

James grew up in the US and had a difficult childhood because his parents divorced when he was a child. He spent much of his formative years with his mother, which helped him build his talents.

He attended high school in Beverly Hills and later transferred to the University de Southern California, at which he learned acting and rose to prominence in the entertainment world. James was born under the astrological sign of Taurus.

In 2023, is James Safe married to his girlfriend? Inquiring into the private affairs of renowned actress and director James Haven, we set out to discover whether he had married his fiancée this year. Join me as we investigate the most recent developments in his amorous journey.

Who is James Haven’s Wife?

James Hope is an actor, manufacturer, and director from the United States. There has been no evidence that William Haven is married since my last check-in on this data in November 2023. James Haven has had one meaningful romance in his life, with actress Ashley Reign. She is an actress and producer best known for her part in the TV drama “About Abby.”

They began dating in 2011 and are still together. They were really serious about each other back in 2011, and it was James’s first serious relationship. James’s father was overjoyed to see both of them in love, and the entire family was overjoyed about their relationship.

Now that James appears to have isolated himself from his immediate relatives, he and Ashley remain together, being there for each other. Even though James is no longer in the spotlight, he continues to have the backing of his long-term lover, Ashley Reign.

Hugs with Angelina Jolie the Haven, William

That is correct. It all started when the actress Angelina Jolie won Best Actress for her performance in “Girl, Interrupted” at the 86th Academy Awards. She was overjoyed and even complimented her brother, who said he loved her. Everything appeared to be fine till that point in time.

However, things took a startling turn at the Academy Awards after-party the following night. Angelina and her sibling kissed on their lips, which startled everyone and made headlines. Both actors later stated that it was not romantic, but rather a gesture of sibling affection. However, the press made a great issue out of it, causing it to appear to be something more.

To add to the intrigue, they were photographed kissing more at the annual Golden Globe Prizes, which made headlines once more.

What Happened Between Angelina Jolie and James Haven?

The actress and her elder sibling James endured a strained relationship as siblings. They presently don’t talk often and have a strained relationship, according to reports.

But when they return to the 2000s, when Angie was a well-known Hollywood actress (and still is), she her her siblings were quite close. When Jolie won the Academy Award for best actress award in the film “Girl, Interrupted,” while kissing her brother on stage, there were whispers that the pair was more than simply siblings.

However, their partnership suffered difficulties in the period that followed. Angelina Jolie asked her brother to look after her children during her divorce from Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, it appears that he did not perform well as a childcare provider, which led Angie to fire him. Their connection became even more tense after that, and they chatted less over time.

James Haven’s net worth is unknown

James Hague is a producer and actor from the United States. He was raised in a show business family. His father, Jon Voight, is an Oscar nominee, and his mother, Marcheline Bertrand, is also an actress. Angelina Jolie, his sister, is an Oscar winner.

James lived in Los Angeles & New York before attending the USC School of Film & Television. He began directing here and even received a prize for his efforts. After graduating from high school, he began appearing in films and television shows such as “Gia,” “Hell’s the Kitchen,” “The initial Sin,” “CSI: Crime Scene Inquiry,” “Breaking Dawn,” and “The War.”

Later in his career, he transitioned to producing while working on projects such as “Trudell” and “That’s Our Mary.” He is currently in charge of managing Artivist, a festival of movies focusing on the rights of humans and environmental issues.

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