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Decoding Austin’s Safety Spectrum: Unveiling the Most Complex Neighborhoods of 2023

Austin, the vibrant city known for its live music scene and cultural richness, attracts residents and visitors alike. While it generally boasts lower crime rates compared to other major U.S. cities, it’s essential to be informed about the neighborhoods that have gained notoriety for their safety challenges. Here, we explore the six most hazardous neighborhoods in Austin in 2023.

Is Austin Dangerous? While Austin, overall, is considered relatively safe, some areas within the city present higher crime rates. Downtown and tourist districts are notably secure. Understanding the specific neighborhoods grappling with safety concerns can help residents and visitors make informed decisions.

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods:

1. Georgian Acres:

  • Location: North Central Austin
  • Population: 9,600
  • Crime Rate: 10,925 per 100,000 (365% higher than national average)
  • Overview: Despite recent revitalization efforts, Georgian Acres maintains its reputation as Austin’s most dangerous neighborhood. A high crime rate and a median home price of $90,800 contribute to its challenges.

2. Montopolis:

  • Location: Southeast Austin
  • Population: 12,211
  • Crime Rate: 302% higher than national average
  • Overview: Known for its violence, Montopolis presents a crime rate that is staggering. Residents face a 1 in 11 chance of falling victim to criminal activities, emphasizing the need for caution.

3. Martin Luther King Highway 183:

  • Location: Central Austin
  • Population: 8,366
  • Crime Rate: 8,250 per 100,000 (252% higher than national average)
  • Overview: This neighborhood grapples with both violent and property crimes. High poverty rates contribute to the challenges, with a median income of $38,101.

4. Riverside:

  • Location: Austin
  • Crime Rate: 8,283 per 100,000 (248% higher than national average)
  • Overview: Despite being a growing community with affordable housing, Riverside faces challenges related to personal and car theft. Violent crime is not as prevalent, but vigilance is crucial.

5. Johnston Terrace:

  • Location: East Austin
  • Population: 1,681
  • Crime Rate: 7,695 per 100,000 (228% higher than national average)
  • Overview: Johnston Terrace, while tight-knit, contends with a high crime rate, especially in theft and burglary. Affordability attracts middle-class residents, but caution is advised.

6. Saint Johns:

  • Location: Central Austin
  • Population: 9,414
  • Crime Rate: 6,002 per 100,000 (156% higher than national average)
  • Overview: Saint Johns, a working-class neighborhood, faces challenges with a 1 in 17 chance of residents becoming victims of crime. The median home price is $149,120.

Conclusion: Navigating Austin’s diverse neighborhoods requires an understanding of the safety landscape. While certain areas present challenges, Austin remains a city with much to offer. Whether considering residence or exploration, being aware of these neighborhood dynamics is crucial for a well-informed and safe experience in the heart of Texas.