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Who is Tyla? Discover More About Tyla’s Career, Parents, Nationality, Early Life, and More

Tyla, a South African musician recognised for her multicultural background, popular songs, and meteoric climb to prominence, describes her path from mining engineer to international music superstar.

Who is Tyla?

Tyla Laura Seethal, professionally known as Tyla, is a skilled South African singer and composer. She rose to prominence after catching the attention of music fans with her debut single “Getting Late,” which featured Kooldrink, which led to her signing with Epic Records in 2021.

Tyla’s eclectic ancestry, which includes Zulu, Indian, and Mauritian ancestors, gives her identity a distinct flavour. Despite initially studying mining engineering, her love of music won out, and she opted to pursue it full-time. Tyla’s path from Instagram covers to international prominence has included chart-topping achievements and notable performances, establishing her as a key presence in the global music industry.

Tyla Early Life

Tyla was born into a mixed-race family with Zulu, Indian, and Mauritian ancestors, and her multicultural history is an important aspect of her identity. She graduated from Edenglen High School in 2019, where she not only succeeded academically but also served as head of culture, demonstrating her numerous abilities at such a young age.

Despite her eclectic background, Tyla’s childhood in Johannesburg influenced her musical interests and artistic expression. Before her music career took off, Tyla experimented with social media, uploading original songs and covers on Instagram. She attracted the attention of industry insiders and finally got her first manager, Garth von Glehn, through these venues.

Tyla Nationality

Tyla, the South African singer, enthusiastically represents South African identity. Tyla’s broad heritage includes Indian, Zulu, Mauritian, and Irish ancestors, representing South Africa’s multicultural fabric. Growing up in Johannesburg, she immersed herself in her country’s rich musical traditions, fusing Afrobeats, amapiano, house, Kwaito, R&B, and pop to create a distinct sound that reflects her South African background.